The Scars That Lie Within
The Scars That Lie Within depression stories

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We all have scars. But do we cover them up? Or do we show them and tell the stories? It's your choice...

The Scars That Lie Within

I came here to tell a story

I came here to say words nobody else will say

Words are used as a drug. They can cure you of an illness

Or they can kill you.

I have dealt with many things that would break a person's soul

But I persevered

I refuse to break down and cry over some words.

Not anymore

I have been rejected at a shot at romance

More than once

Five scars

I have had to cope with the deaths of people I love

My grandmother whom I held dear

My cousin

Two more scars

The feeling of hatred from popular kids who have no idea of what's happening

Three more scars

Coping with learning I had ADHD

Another scar

Being bullied by my brothers for being gay

Another scar

Scars are a part of who we are

Scars are the bumpy patches in life

Watch what we say

Love those near you

Because you never know just how many scars lie under their skin

You never know how many cuts are on their wrists

You never know what they're going through

So please be careful

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