Forbidden Love
Forbidden Love  lgbtq stories

rainbow_light How's it going? :)
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I love this girl with all of my heart... but everything keeps us apart.

Forbidden Love

She's the girl I see when I look into my heart

She's the girl I see when I think of art

She's beautiful and it saddens me to think she doesn't see it

Not even a little bit

But sadly, everything forbids our love

Her stubbornness, the Lord up above

Our families, and her love for another

The pestering of my mother

But is it so wrong to love her when it's true?

Could I ever be alone with you?

Could you ever view me the way I want

Are you aware you haunt


I wish and pray upon the midnight skies

That one day you would hear my cries

That one day you will love me too

And that one day I will be allowed to freely love you

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