Searching for a Sunlight of my Own
Searching for a Sunlight of my Own midnight stories

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Doesn’t seem related to the prompt, but I promise at the end it is. Hope you enjoy.

Searching for a Sunlight of my Own

It seems like everyone has one.

A sunlight, an aura around them. A style. An aesthetic.

I’ve never had one. There seems to be no sunlight inside of me, no matter how hard I look for it.

I dig through layers and layers of myself, almost screaming in frustration. Nothing. It’s all hollow.

I’ve tried to imitate them. I’ve tried to slip on the sunlight of others. I really have. But everyone knows that’s cheating. And it never works.

I’d given up.

But then, one day, while I was staring up at the ceiling, my mind a blank static, a saw a light.

But it wasn’t a bright, clear light, or yellow or orange or red. It wasn’t surrounded by blue skies and clouds. It was soft and white, with shadow around it.

I gazed up and began following it. I walked a long ways before I emerged, and what did I see?

The moon. The stars. The night sky. And all the ebony beauty that comes with it.

And I found

that I may not have a sunlight, no,

but I have something even better for me:

a midnight.

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