How to Catch a Friend
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A complete guide on the basics and essentials of catching a friend.

How to Catch a Friend

Step One: Go outside. This is perhaps the hardest step of all, and we know it may be frustrating and nerve-wracking for some, but it really is necessary.

Step Two: Walk around. Go where there are people. Perhaps not even a lot of people; in fact, fewer may be better, and once you get there, wait. Patience and persistence are key.

Step Three: Some people may notice you. Others may completely ignore you. Some may approach you, say a few words, and back away. In fact, most will back away. And how do you stop this? Bait is, of course, a good strategy.

The best types of bait are: - interesting conversation topics - friendly, approachable posture - eye contact (difficult to obtain and use, but well worth it) And, the most effective bait: -food

Step Four: As said before, have patience. People will come and go. Some will be hooked in but run off. Some may express interest, but they may not be the ones you want to catch.

You see, the act of catching a friend is an art. You must be as attracted to them as they are to you. It’s similar to hunting: if the hunter doesn’t like the look of the prey, they let it go. Except this is more friendly than hunting. Hopefully.

Step Five: Have you found a good one? Someone you like that likes you back? Wonderful. Arrange meetings with them. Talk. Introduce them to friends that you’ve caught previously. Hang out and let them get to know you.

Talk and tell them interesting stories. And, most importantly, listen. This will immediately lure a potential friend in.

And, eventually, slowly, you’ll grow closer. Soon you’ll actually look forward to interacting with them. And after a long period of time, you’ll begin to feel like you have a connection with them. You’ll have inside jokes, shared experiences, and hang out more than you ever have.

Congratulations! You’ve caught a friend!

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