Eternal friendship?
Eternal friendship?
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The poem is about the friendship between a guy and a girl that ended on a sour note.

Eternal friendship?

by rainandsnow

Its quiet on the outside, And quiet on the inside, But between the both of us, Silence was always a joyride.

I am awake and its the middle of night, I hear a voice calling out to me, There you are, in a text message, And my mouth curves into a smile.

Down we go yet again, The same old path, the same old you and I, The same old destination and the same old words, But yet I feel no pain.

Your smile is as warm as the hearth, Your temper as calm as the night, I know you are somewhere nearby, When I feel all the mirth.

Days and weeks have passed, Its the silence before the storm, I am afraid of the havoc that will follow, I will always regret I never asked.

This is how it went down in flames, What about best friends forever ? What about all the time we spent together ? And the promises, were they all just games ?

All those secrets I knew, Will be etched in my heart forever, There's no new hope on this deserted shore, As I endure the misfortunes of dark without you.

Forget about me, if you will, Curse me, if you will, Hate me, if you will, But please try and forgive me, if you can.

Thanks a lot for reading !

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