Till The End.
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I wrote this at around 3 am after watching a really good movie that brought me to tears. I hope you like it.
It's about the journey of two people in love. How they meet, have great memories, marry and stay with each other till the end.

Till The End.

by rainandsnow

I see fireflies surrounding me, I feel my heart beat faster as they soar towards the sky, There are balloons all around, Is that you dear ?

I step into the glade, basking in the sunlight; The stream is glistening as I sit down, I throw my head back and close my eyes, I reach out and entwine my hand, Is that you dear ?

Oh! I feel the breeze on my face, I see the landscape passing us, I hear the bicycle ring, There is a sweet smell that engulfs me, Is that you dear ?

The path is covered with autumn leaves, I cant see where the beauty ends, A light drizzle accompanies as, I see a broad smile and open arms approaching me, Is that you dear ?

I look at the reflection dressed in white, She is walking down the aisle, I see a black tux and eyes that mirror mine, Brimming with love, Is that us dear ?

I feel the waves crashing at my feet, I see the distant outline of a passing ship, I hear a laugh and feel the cool water hit my face, Is that you dear ?

I gaze down the mountaintop, I feel a soft hand slip in mine, As I see the sun begin its descend towards the horizon, Is that you dear ?

I feel my heart freezing, There are tears rolling down your face even as you try to smile, There is eternal darkness beyond and I am scared, Will you stay with me dear ?

Thanks a lot for reading !

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@lisa thank you so much ! :) :)

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awww 3 am is the best time haha. this is really beautiful 💞