Three word story.
Three word story. together stories

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@sydney Has this contest begun? I read Rina Martins post and thought I would give it a try, contest or no contest.

Three word story.

by rainandsnow


"Are you ready ?", he asked. "No. What if I disappoint you ? What if I chain your wings ? What if I get tired ?", she asked, her eyes brimming with tears.

"This is a long journey. There will be good and dark days. I will guide you till we reach the sunshine. You can pick me up when I fall. As long as we are together, we will be fine", he said.

She smiled and took his hand in hers. "As long as we are together." Thus they started their wonderful adventure.


She had been waiting there for a long time now, wondering if her girl would ever come. "I am here."

She turns around and looks at a girl in tattered clothes, huffing and puffing, running all the way to her. She was beautiful to her. "I am here", the girl says again as she reaches her.

"Let's walk down the beach." She slips her hand in the girl's palm. The sun dips below the horizon as they talk.


There were no tears left now. She sat by his grave. People were milling about, consoling her. It will be fine, they say....Yeah, sure; she thinks.

"I wish you would come back to me, darling", she thinks out aloud. She closes her eyes and let the memories take her to far away lands. A tear rolls down her cheek yet again.

She feels someone brush those tears away. She opens her eyes and sees no one is around. She closes them again, a peaceful smile on her face. You are always there with me, right? Forever.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Hope you like it!

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