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1. By using rain as a medium, this poem tries to convey that one must not loose hope. No matter how dark the days are, remember that happiness is just around the corner.
2. Also, this poem tries to ignite the long forgotten belief of nature worship within the readers. It doesn't mean that you must build idols of the Gods or anything that is materialistic. It just means you must respect and protect the forces of nature.
3. Weazened- archaic word meaning 'wrinkled and weathered'.
4. Brumal- archaic word meaning 'relating to winter'.
5. 'Albatross emerging from dark' signifies hope. Reference: The ballad 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner' written by 'Samuel Taylor Coleridge'.
6. On a completely unrelated note, trying reading the book 'Sybil' written by 'Flora Rheta Schreiber'. In very simple words....it will blow your mind.


by rainandsnow

The sky is painted in shades of grey, Nature in all its happiness lay(in wait), They cheer as if winning, At the start of this new beginning.

The heavens cry out for our pain, A lion with its weazened mane, The thunder roars, kindling the brumal fire, Oh! the music awakens long forgotten desires.

Holding hands in the rain, husband and his wife; As paper boats of childhood find a new life, Take my hand and let us all dance, For we have been given yet another chance.

As the downpour continues, myriad souls will shudder; Forlorn,anxious no new rhymes are being muttered, Leaving behind devastation in its wake, So many many beasts are at stake.

We pray the Gods to bestow some mercy, But how can we unduly expect leniency, We have ripped apart all His hearts, So why shouldn't we tumble like a pack of cards.

But we have never been fair, Thus we must beg for all we care, Spread the word, light up the candles; Let all our faiths truly entangle.

Surely the albatross emerges from the dark, Hurrah! We cry out with the lark, I witness the sunshine make its way(through the clouds), Rainbows will beacon us through another day.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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@bernardtwindwil I am glad you always understand the underlying emotions so well. It makes me sad too. They are just a failed attempt at ensuring that people COMPLETELY understand what I write and feel inspired. (Inspiring someone is the only reason I write poems like 'Rain', poems that share a message I firmly believe in).

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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I read this yesterday in the car. Between the bumpy road and my shaking fingers I could not type by stabbing that little stylus into that little rectangle on my phone. n So here goes another rave review. The pictures and verse flowed as smoothly as...well, rain on the plain in Spain. I am a big fan of yours. Normally so much poetry is drivel from the crayons of cretinous wannabe beatniks. That caused me to ask for the death penalty for those louts who read their poems in public. I am glad you added the notes but, I am sorry you felt you had to.

rainandsnowBronze Commabooks+music=true love
a year agoReply
@pluto Glad that you liked it! And the notes well....I am surprised but happy that you READ them...! :):)

plutoCommabassadorPlanets man
a year agoReply
i really like it! and love the notes afterwords haha. it really helps. cool to compare my interpretation of the poem with yours!