Miles To Go Before I Sleep.
Miles To Go Before I Sleep. meteors stories

rainandsnow books+music=true love
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Three extremely short stories that try to portray different forms of love.
Parents and children.
Friends and Soulmates.
@sydney sometimes the word limit just isn't enough. :) ;)

Miles To Go Before I Sleep.

by rainandsnow

Darkest evening of the year. (Parent-Child)

"Mom, I am s-soo-ry. I didn't mean to hurt him. He- he was, that- girl-screaming. It reminded me of W-ill they send me to pr-iso-n. MOM!!!", he was crying uncontrollably.

She took his head in her lap and said with silent sobs, "No honey. I won't let anyone take you away. You did the right thing. I am proud of you honey. Mommy is very proud."

"Shh honey. Mommy is here. You did the right thing. Don't cry, dear. Just close your eyes. Mommy is here. Always." "I love you", he mumbled and slept peacefully in his mother's lap.

Promises to keep. (Friends)

They walked down a dusty path silently. The sun began its descent towards its beloved, the horizon. "Please buy something, dear. I haven't sold anything today", the vendor pleaded.

She looked at his wares and smiled. She picked up two rings. One white and other black. "Take this my friend", she said and passed the white ring. Other one looked at her friend inquiringly.

"These rings will be the token of our friendship. Wherever we are we will always stay with each other through these rings." They went as the vendor smiled enigmatically, packing up for the day.

Woods are lovely, dark and deep. (Soulmates)

"Do you think our loved ones become stars after they die?", she asked her ten year old best friend sitting beside her as they lay in the park, awaiting the meteor shower.

"My mom says that stars are just balls of gas, scientifically. My dad says that we must respect science and not believe in such stupid theories." She waited patiently as he thought.

"I don't know. But if I do become a star I promise to always look upon you. You will come to meet me everyday, right?" "Of course you idiot", she said as they waited for their shooting stars.

Thanks a lot for reading!

Hope you like it.

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