Let's make it right!
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NOTE: You can replace 'he' with 'she' and then 'I' represents a girl.
Dedicated to the LGBT community. I find it strange that we, even with our "evolved" brains, cannot accept something so simple. We are no one to treat the community as an outcast. All they ask for is love in this harsh world, so why do we have to be so heartless?

And to all those who shout out that being gay is against some religion, I would just like to say that in a way the gay community is serving the world. They adopt the children heterosexuals might have left behind. And I truly think that the child wouldn't mind if he has two daddies or mommies. He would just expect love, care and support and being gay doesn't mean they are incapable of providing those basic needs. This is a bit rude reasoning but well....I had to say it!

So let us all start being more of humans with a heart, mind and soul.

Wrote it at the spur of the moment, so words are not so good. I do hope the meaning is clear. :)

Let's make it right!

by rainandsnow NOTE: Here "I" represents a random guy.

He is leaning against the counter, My heart beats a bit louder, He has a smile radiant, I am lost in his eyes, colored variant.

They smile, they stare, they do not care, Maybe they have never witnessed a love so rare, They curse, they sneer, they call upon their god, Why do they always find us so odd ?

I hold his hand across the table, Why do I feel we are being labelled ? Stung with venomous words day and night, We are like a dear caught in the headlights.

He promises it will be all fine, Our stars will someday align, May it rain or snow, "I will always be there, you know."

Can you blame me if I fear ? One day he will go out for a walk and then never come back here ? A man's rage can be like thunder, So will the sun of our life go under ?

Does your god really distinguish the black from white ? Love is like a ray of hope bursting through the night, So why does it so much matter, Whom I love and marry later ?

I wish you would ask me "How was your day?", I am a human even though I am gay, All I am asking is stop calling me weird, Because you would surely know, love is unconditional, dear.

Thanks a lot for reading!

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