The Mind Palace: Introduction
The Mind Palace: Introduction sandersides stories

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This is inspired by Thomas Sanders who created an amazing series called the Sander Sides. You might know him as the Story Time Guy from Vine (RIP vine). He have his own Youtube Channel. Credit goes to him. Again, this is inspired by him.

So what I aim for in this story is that since in every Sander Sides, he talks about some real life problems such as lying, identity, etc. His sides helps him out with a problem he has. So I want to create a series of this where many more problems could be talked about. I don't know what kind of problems but some could be from my own life or people I know, or in the real world. Each short story will be different nonetheless. So I'm excited about creating this kind of series and I hope you will like it. This story is just an introduction and explains what the Mind Palace is and describes three of the characters that are a part of the main character Hayley. So my goal is to make each short story in the series real and relatable as it can be.

The Mind Palace: Introduction

"Whoa! Where am I?" I look around. I have no idea how I got here. I am in my pajamas. My pajamas are usually PE shorts and a big shirt. It's really comfortable to sleep in.

"Looks like we got a visitor!" a voice yells.

"Huh?" I say. Who is that voice?

"It's Hayley! She finally figured out to get here!"

"She did? I'm surprised she got here."

Oh yeah, my name is Hayley. I'm an twenty-year-old girl who is wandering around inside a building. The room looks different from each other. There's no theme running through the building.

One room looks like it's made for an angsty teenager. Black decor, tons of music--basically everything is dark colored and kind of dark. With music, movies, etc. Another room looks incredibly bright and full of photos. I recognize most of all of the items in that room.

I got rid of some of these items a while back and some stayed in a corner of my room. I have no idea how these items got here. Anyway, the third room I went into seems to be very artistic.

Paintings, poems, and music everywhere in that room. The fourth room looks like it could be part of a library. The room has a lot of books, lots of devices and paper.

It's a room made for a very intelligent person. The four rooms had entrances in the hallways. They each had their names on their doors.




I Would Rather Not Tell You

"Sounds like someone is a private person," said Hayley as she walked down the hallway. The hallway led to the main room. The room that anything can happen.

"Hayley! OMG! You're here!"

Three girls are dressed very differently from each other. But they all look like me.

The one standing on the left was dressed in jeans that were stenciled all over with creative designs, a white buttoned shirt that had some paint splatters on them, brown boots,

and a word necklace that spells her name--Imagine. The girl in the middle is the one with a very excited voice.

She wore baggy brown shorts with a black leather belt, an orange fox hoodie with a green shirt underneath the hoodie, and pink sneakers.

The girl on the right is wearing glasses, brown trousers with a black leather belt, black loafers, and a grey buttoned shirt with another pair of glasses on the shirt pocket.

The girl with the fox hoodie runs up to me, "OMG! OMG! It's so nice to finally meet myself!" she says.

"Myself? What do you mean? Why do you three look exactly like me? What is this place!?" I exclaim.

"This is the Mind Palace silly! My name is Misty," says Misty.

"My name is Imagine! The best of the best," says the girl with the paint-splattered shirt.

"Not quite," says the girl with the glasses who looks at Imagine, and then at me, "My name is Lori by the way. Short for Lorraine. You must have a lot of questions Hayley."

"I do. Why do you guys look like me? How did I get here? What the hell is the Mind Palace?" I ask.

"Well, what's the one thing you remember before getting here?" asks Misty.

I remember before I got here, I was in my bed. I just felt tired," I say.

"That's probably it!" says Misty.

"What?" I say.

"Whenever you feel tired, you come here!" says Misty.

"Well that's the case only for this time," says Lori who walks up to Hayley and Misty, "You see the Mind Palace is a place that you designed specifically for us.

We are parts of you that makes you, you. I'm your logic, Misty is your heart, Imagine is your creative side and there's one other person. You don't just go here when you're tired.

You can come here whenever you like since you are the creator," explains Lori.

"Wait, you guys are parts of me? I can see you guys anytime?" I ask.

"Yes, after all, you created this place. You're able to go in and out as you please," says Lori.

"Wait, so if I'm able to go in and out of this place--then I should remember this place. Why don't I remember this?" I ask.

"You have to remember, we're a part of you. You created us. I was the first person that you created when you learned how to feel. Then once you learned how to walk and talk, Lori was created.

Imagine was both your imaginary friend AND your creative side when you started to draw and do all of those fun things. The Mind Palace is a place inside your mind.

You were not able to come here because you weren't old enough yet. For many years, we appeared outside of your mind. But now that you're old enough, we don't have to," explains Misty.

"What's the age?" I ask.

"It depends on the person. Your age, in this case, was nineteen. But you just turned twenty years old. So it's about time you visited us," says Lori.

"I guess so?" I am unsure of everything still. It's still freaky to see three people that look like me. But I will learn to accept it.

"So do I come here every time?" I ask.

"You can. I kind of would prefer that you come to the Mind Palace instead of us going out there," says Lori.

"We did that for many years," says Imagine.

"Okay. That's fine with me," I say.

"Anyway, now that we explained ourselves--WELCOME TO THE MIND PALACE!" yells Misty excitedly. Her voice hurts my ears.

"Thank you," I say as I rub my poor ears.

"Do you have any questions?" asks Lori.

"No. But maybe in the future, I will," I say.

"You know you will. I'm your logic side after all," says Lori.

"We'll have so much to do!" says Imagine.

"Well...okay," I say. I still find everything very strange. Does that mean I find myself strange? Or just plain awkward? "Who is the fourth person? There's supposed to be four," I say.

"Well, she's not here right now. She will be here next time, I believe so," says Lori.

A watch appears on Lori's right wrist, "Oh! Look at the time! You have to get out of bed now. You have a morning class to get to," says Lori.

"What?" I say.

"It's been pleasant talking to you. Please do consider visiting us whenever you want to and when you need our help to solve a problem.

If you can't visit us, then we'll just appear in the same area as you. I assure you that we are real, and we are not a part of your dream. This is the one time it happened.

The Mind Palace is real," says Lori.

"Okay. I will consider it," I say.

"Good!" says Lori.

"How do I get out of here?" I ask.

"Just blink your eyes three times," says Lori.

I blink my eyes. One. Two. Three. All of a sudden I wake up in my own bed. My alarm is going off. I groan and rub my eyes. It's time to start the day.

Usually, in a dream, I would forget everything. But I remember the Mind Palace and them. Lori, Imagine and Misty. I didn't learn a lot about the fourth person.

But maybe next time when I have a dilemma or when something happens, she will appear?

I shouldn't think too much about it for today. But I think it was cool meeting them.

I get dressed in a pair of denim jeans, a black shirt and red sneakers. I grab my backpack and I leave my house.

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