Najiki's Conflict
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This is my first short story. The inspiration comes from one of my favorite anime shows--Naruto.
This is just a random story about two ninjas that are brothers and sisters. Naosi is praised by many people while her brother Najiki is being ignored. They go on this one mission where Naosi realized what's been happening.

Najiki's Conflict

The beginning of their junior year as high rank ninjas, Naosi and Najiki were excited to see each other again after their very long summer. Naosi was a water type ninja with powerful moves.

Najiki was now a fire and air type ninja who’s quick at fighting but on the other hand, horrible with summoning moves if his chakra is low.

Najiki and Naosi’s sensei appeared in the room, kneeling down to Kiwi who was the powerful Hokage of Tokyo dressed in green and white robes.

Kiwi unraveled a written scroll containing today’s important mission.

“What’s the mission today?” asked Najiki.

“Today’s mission comes from a woman who needs both of your help weeding the garden. It’s a d-rank mission,” said Kiwi.

“No way, we did two years doing d-rank missions! Isn’t it about time that we get a b-rank mission or an a-rank mission?” asked Naosi.

“Both of you are not suitable for those kind of missions. They’re meant only for higher rank ninjas than you or with stronger stamina, more powerful and clever ,” said their sensei.

Their sensei was right, Naosi and Najiki wasn’t ready for those kind of missions yet. But Naosi could do it.

“But I can let you do a c-rank mission today. Today’s mission will be delivering a package to the south side of Tokyo to an elderly frail man,” said Kiwi.

“Sweet! Let’s do this!” Naosi was excited. She couldn’t wait to test out her new water abilities that she learned.

Najiki was kind of sad after hearing what his sensei said about ninjas who takes b-rank and a-rank missions.

He knew Naosi had stronger stamina, and she grew to be more powerful after the last big battle they were in with their other friends.

Naosi was definitely clever too--only if their one friend didn’t come up with ideas and plans all the time. Najiki wished that he could be more like his comrades and especially Naosi.

South Tokyo was only a couple of miles away from the missionary they were in.

They entered outside of the missionary, ready to walk to South Tokyo, “Naosi and Najiki, in order to get to South Tokyo we must cross an unknown forest and a mile long bridge.

If any ninjas from the outside tries to get in our way, Naj--”

Najiki got his hopes up, immediately thinking that he is in charge of defending the package, “Actually….

Naosi will you hold the package? I’m sure you have no problem fighting them off on your own if Najiki and I were occupied,” said their sensei.

“Drat,” whispered Najiki. Najiki became angry inside.

Why must Naosi take on more difficult tasks and only Najiki to take on the easy ones? He desperately wished to be challenged a lot more than Naosi. He knows he can do just as well as Naosi.

Naosi, Najiki and their sensei enters the unknown forest. The unknown forest felt more like a swamp. It was muddy, dark, and mysterious. They also heard a lot of bubbling noises.

It must be the hot lava pits.

Suddenly… “Yikes!” Najiki moved his left leg away and off the ground from a thick stream of lava. Naosi looked at him, "Be careful, those kind of lava pits causes nasty burns," said Naosi.

Najiki sighed and continued walking. Naosi realized something. She has always been good at lots of things and she worked hard to be the best ninja she can be. Najiki was being ignored by almost everyone.

Naosi handed Najiki the package, "Huh? Are you sure?" asked Najiki.

Naosi gave a smile, "Yes I am sure. You take over this time. I will take a step back and do the smaller tasks. If you need help, I will help you!" said Naosi.

Najiki smiled back, "Thank you Naosi. I promise I will do my best!" said Najiki. Naosi smiled and nodded. All Najiki needed was someone to believe in him. Najiki was just as good as Naosi.

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