teenagers just wanna have fun
teenagers just wanna have fun teenagers stories
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rain found my way back somewhere
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teenagers don't have problems, after all.

teenagers just wanna have fun

by rain

there's the boy at the back of the classroom, we all know what drugs he likes to do. (waste of a life, forget his life)

there's the pink haired girl in the short leather skirt, we all know how much she likes to flirt. (slut, bitch, she'll never be anything but a house wife)

there's the one with a dick and long hair, we whisper about that one without a care. (we don't want you here, not in our society)

boys will be boys and girls just wanna have fun

but it's just the tip of the iceberg before you see us all come undone.

you see that girl, in the jeans and sweatshirt?

we all know which teacher it was to rape her.

you see that boy, with the varsity jacket?

everyone knows about the shit he does to stay sane - "be at the top of your game, if you lose the team this game - "

london bridge comes falling down, f a l l i n g d o w n .

oh there are the popular kids, throwing others of the podium, keeping their records straighter than they are, hiding their secrets. (god knows dad would kill them for any less.)

there's the varsity teams, throwing around weights and catching the weight of a school legacy in danger. (oh look at them, they're perfect, send them to ivy leagues, don't fuck up now)

there are the ones made fun of, doing shots to stay sane, forgetting his touch through the grip of the rush. (oh little girl, don't play this game, he's a good man and you're a babe)

boys will be boys and girls just wanna have fun.

let's have fun baby girl, clinging to the edge of sanity, never forgetting the pressure of society.

there's no need for thought or expression, we don't feel anything but trivial matters, don't get stressed, it only gets worse.

i don't think we're real, we're borne of the machine and we're made to be nothing more than dreams.

come on darling, don't feel anything, boys will be boys and girls just wanna have fun.

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