pretty when you cry

rainpoets are just kids who didn't make it
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pretty when you cry

by rain

do you love me when i cry?

does my weakness turn you on?

is the way my bones shatter flattering?

the whole world is watching us,

they see me cry my heart into broken pieces, they see you pick them up.

will you kiss my bruises and give me back my broken heart?

will you screw the broken pieces and toss me to the side,

will you hold them close in a tight grip at night, when the stars don't shine? will you press fingers into bruises and turn them into flowers?

will you stay with me as i fall apart?

are my broken pieces pretty enough to fuck?

am i pretty enough to suffer the tears?

am i pretty when i cry?

you are.

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LostInMyDreamsCommabassadorDelving deeper into the unknown
8 months agoReply
Wow!! This sounds like it would make great lyrics for an Alanis Morissette song! Great job!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
8 months agoReply
This was exquisitely painful to read. Were I a sadist, I would make it a litany. What was with the last line, "you are"? Did that mean that the first person is willing to suffer these sadistic horrors because of some kind of misconception that the torturer has some kind of value? The painful verses were powerful and descriptive. Whether or not I got the point it was a beautiful piece of poetry. Great work!!!