it's going to be okay (it gets better.)
it's going to be okay (it gets better.) stories

rainevrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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just something i noticed.

it's going to be okay (it gets better.)

by rain

it feels so fake, every time i say it's going to be okay.

because i don't know that.

i don't feel that.

it's robotic, it's unreal.

it stopped meaning anything after the first time i lied, when she told me she wanted to die, and i told her that everything would be fine.

i can't tell the future, i can't know it's gonna be okay.

i can't say that it gets better.

i can't say that one day you'll be happy, while i'm trying to convince myself that's true.

i told a friend how scared i am that im going to fall apart.

she said, don't worry. it gets better.

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