i am a ghost
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rain evrything is pretty if u try hard enough
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bring me to life again.

i am a ghost

by rain

tell me that you love me, bring me to life.

i know the dead are meant to stay in the ground,

but it's getting cold down here, baby.

tell me that i'm beautiful, melt my winter bones into spring smiles.

i am a ghost, and i beg you to bring me back to life.

you float next to me, silently. hold my hand, make my heart beat again.

my lovely, i love you, don't you love me?

if you love me, won't you let the sun touch me again?

i am a ghost, and you are the sun.

touch me, whisper my name, say

" i l o v e y o u . "

i am a ghost, and with your blessing, i come alive.

whisper in my ear the way we used to do, love me, love me,

i love you.

but i am a ghost. and i am numb.

oh baby darling, my lovely, make me see the sun.

bring me to life again, when a new day has begun, and all our sins can be undone.

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