Let Me Go
Let Me Go
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rahulpillai1007 I can write stories some sad some funny
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This story really goes deep in feelings even when you are not realizing it.

Let Me Go

If you are a person who gets sad all the time (not saying you have depression) then you should look for a less sad story rather than this one

Kate: Let's go we don't want to be late. Clark: Just a moment I'll be there Clark: Let's go (Both of them get in the car) Clark: Aren't you excited

Kate: Oh yes very and you? Clark: Why wouldn't I be? The Grand Canyon is a tourist location Kate: Of course that's all you care about Clark: Maybe that's what you think

Kate: Well alright. You are still my lovely husband Clark: And you are my more lovely wife Both: (laugh) Kate: Well next stop on the right and we will be there

(Both of them get off the car) Kate: Perfect day for a trek don't ya think? Clark: It should be perfect for everybody Kate: (laughs) You never fail me in laughing

Clark: What can I say? I was born funny Kate: Alright Mr.Robin Williams let's get this show on the road Kate: Do you have our gear Clark? Clark: (grunts) Y.e.p

Kate: It's beautiful Clark: I couldn't agree more, let's "rock" and roll. Get it? Kate: Yeah yeah, move along (rumble noises)

Clark: That could've been my stomach but... it's not Kate: I don't know what it is but doesn't sound alright (rocks break) (Kate grabs Clark)

Kate: Don't let go Clark alright? Clark: I will Kate just get me off of this situation (Kate tries pulling Clark) Kate: It won't happen... Too much pressure

Clark: (breathes deeply) let me go Kate: You're kidding, right? Clark: No I need you to let me go Kate: I can't do that, It will be the end of you as we speak

Clark: Let me go, live your life, I'm just that 2% in your life adding up to the rest Kate: (sniffles) but if I do that then I won't have you or anybody in my life Clark: It's now or never, Kate

Kate: No I can't do it Clark: Then you left me no choice Kate (Clark let's go of Kate's hand) Kate: (yells) CLARK!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And folks I must say, that is one sad and deep story I can come up with and I do feel sad making this story up and those who have lost loved ones like this incident, I am very sorry to those people. Thank you for reading this story

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