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rahulpandey Community member
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Understand it for yourself!


It’s so different growing up Looks like it’s a different world Smiles now lack the warmth they had Joys in smaller shells have curled

Why now not on Sunday mornings Kid’s roundup at the nearby park For playing their hearts out on the field And making the lousy street dogs bark?

And why is that we are seen As a gen of ungrateful, worthless pack But still none does hold our hands To lead us towards the “worthy” track!

Why we don’t gather more often “In reality” with the people we like To dance and sway or say just talk Although, actually, totally unlike!

When did you give an honest answer To the last “How are you?” asked “Never” I say, and “Why?” you seek Coz that’s a test none ever passed!

When was it that the words came out Precisely as conceived inside your head Because if they don’t, then all you know “You’re a part of society”, literally dead!

By reading this, and if you have The least of sense it makes to you A humble request to those patient minds Explain it to me and enlighten ME TOO!!!

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