left behind legacy (prt1)
left behind legacy (prt1) titanfall stories

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the first part is linked here
this is the second part!

left behind legacy (prt1)

"today is your birthday! what do you mean you don't want to celebrate it!!?"

cried Faye Selene-graves.

the mother of andromeda Graves, andromeda looked out the window seeing a innocent family be pushed around, she looked back to her mother with a pleading look in her eye

"i just don't want to please mother understand"

Faye frowned and nodded, not understanding the full reason why her daughter never liked her birthday,

andromeda sighed folding her clothes into a suitcase "you still going out with Skimmer?"

andromeda glared, if her eyes could hold swords they would, "Vince, his name is Vince"

"well he'll always be skimmer to me, trying to skim some products out of your fathers pocket"

"your not even married to dad anymore why are you judging the people I'm friends with?"

faye shrugged "maybe because i expected better of you?"

andromeda groaned her blonde hair draping back with her head that fell back as well

"i know what your going to say mother!"

faye huffed at her daughter, andromeda stuffed her clothing into the suitcase angrily

"what am i going to say then?"

" 'andromeda i don't understand why hang out with junkyard criminals, they are nothing but bad news they'll lead you down a road of death!

' " andromeda quoted mocking her mother her mother stared in disbelief. the kind of face that shows how much you fucked up in your mothers eyes

"i think-"

" ' i think that you'd be better off with friends out of the imc solider academy they atleast know the law',

' Andromeda said again quoting her mother "mother i will not make friends with people who are forced to follow blindly behind a government like group forcing them to do things that..

are unspeakable. mother i will never accept my fate as a future of this,.. war criminal ridden group you divorced out of it.. now you want me to accept my fate?'

her mother stared at her taken aback from the words that came from her daughters mouth. her suitcase zipped up. before her father general marcus stepped into her room

"medda how are you my wonderful daughter" marcus spoke bypassing her mother cupping his daughters face, andromedas small hands cupped his gruff ones and smiled a bit "I'm fine dad.

" faye was still glaring at her daughter marcus looked to them furrowing his bushy brows together

"what happened"

"nothing" they both spoke in unison

before her mother turned out the door and walked down to the kitchen

Marcus sighed

"why make your mother a enemy?" he tucked a strand of andromedas hair behind her ear

"I'm not, she is making herself out to be one.. you don't hear the half of it because your never around"

Marcus looked hurt by her statement "dad..you know what i mean" he nodded then looked to the suitcase clearing his throat "you going somewhere?"

andromeda moved the suitcase off her bed and sat it next to her door "yup. Vince oppa and Zenda Renee is taking me to a campsite for my birthday"

marcus gave her a look of disapproval "not you too"

marcus held his hands up "i just want what's best for you. if you think they are the best then do what you must"

andromeda smiled "maybe mom could take a few notes from your book"

they left the room Marcus lingered behind before placing a small gps/recorder bug on her luggage ,Marcus yes believed in freedom but within his range.

and he'd be damned if his daughter hung out with ex-criminals he felt like andromeda owed him. that much making their way to the kitchen where three different pizzas sat

two meat and the on veggie pizza for andromeda "you are still going through that vegan phase?" Marcus questioned

"its not a phase marcus, your Precocious medda is a vegetarian now" medda sensed the underlying sinister tone in her mothers voice.

taking a bite of her pizza before letting a moan of pleasure out just to rub salt in her mothers wounds.

her mother dropped her pizza to her plate and slammed her hand to the table "you ungrateful brat you don't think i know what your doing" marcus baffled watched

the outburst andromeda laughed wiping the corner of her mouth "enjoying my food?"

"no! rubbing it in that your figure is better then mine!" andromeda looked to her father before looking back at her mother "mom. you weigh the same weight as me.

no I'm not trying to rub anything in with my diet" the curve's of her mothers mouth downturned as she shoved the pizza into her mouth.

"is there someone your seeing, medda?" marcus asked filling the void of tension that her mother created

"no actually I've been focusing on schooling i want to go to college dad.

" he smiled before laughter emitted from her mother "tell your father where you want to go to school and what for" she smirked

andromeda felt a tension in the room her father staring at her confused she put the pizza down wiping her hands on her black pants

"daddy you know i love it here on Eden but i want to go to college on harmony, to be nurse out in the outlands helping the innocent people of the colonies "

marcus face contorted into a face of anger "you want to go to a militia planet?! and be a nurse for them?!"

"daddy please-"

he raised his hand like does to speak in meetings when someone interrupts him " do you know how many people we have lost due to the milita?

and you want to be one their side! no no your going to the academy"

marcus said looking at his plate andromeda glared at her mother. fayes face showed amused "dad. this is what i wanted"

marcus stood up suddenly "No Andromeda! i told you"

"daddy this isn't up for discussion, it my decision and i will do it with or without you.. "

marcus scoffed before placing his plate in the sink leaning over it for a second

"you happy mother?, you want me too be divided from this family aswell?

" andromeda rose from her chair before a plate darted over her head andromeda covered her head "you crazy bitch! you could have killed me!"

"don't speak to me that way!" faye lunged across the table and slapped her andromeda cupped her cheek and backed up against the wall

"faye you should not have hit her!" marcus said stunned at the scene he was upset, but he was never going to hit his daughter

andromeda rotated her jaw before making her way into her room angrily grabbing her stuff her mother followed her "I'm sorry love please!

" faye grabbed her daughters wrist before andromedas fist connected with her mothers jaw "I'M DONE,

I'm done mom I'm done with being the reason you and dad fight I'm done being used as a pawn in your sick games.

you said I'm a accident then why didn't you just give me up! leave me be" as andromeda left faye rose from the ground cupping her chin

"she told me that i did not know the half of the situation... now i see.

you have mentally abused our daughter" marcus looked at faye who didn't defend herself but just smiled marcus left the house faye running after him shouting

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