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Spiritual insight into our self limiting delusions and how our mind keeps us from learning how to dance a beautiful dance

Dancing Shoes

You silly patient, you clearly can’t move

You had a stroke, you lost your groove

You see, there’s stages to recovery

It’s quite simple, why can’t you see?

You’re not going to fall asleep tonight

And wake up tomorrow in some great delight

“Hey look at me! I can dance! I can swim!”

Oh silly patient with your insights so dim

Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how things go

Keep goals small, keep expectations low

Always stay positive, do not despair

You’ll be able to move, success is out there

Rome wasn’t built in a day, great success takes time

I keep reminding you of this, why do you still cry?

Life isn’t fair but don’t give up

Yes, I know, this life is so tough

But me? Oh yes, well see, I can move

Let me just put on my dancing shoes

I don’t have poor Insight to my disease just look at how I conquer delusions with ease

And how I just keep progressing on my path

I don’t become discouraged

And I DON’T cry like that

I just simply keep my eye on that prize

And realize that success comes from many, many tries

And I just sit there and I have fun

And I don’t count all the times I’ve tried but not won

Oh silly patient, why can’t you see?

Why can’t you be wise like your therapist, like ME

But wait, all of that was just a dream

It’s not all as easy as it seems

All of that, I really do wish it were true

But really, I am just, exactly, like YOU

I wake up each morning and I want to move

But I just can’t do it, where are my shoes?!

I must have placed them over there

Behind that old squeaky rocking chair

Or maybe they’re in the attic or closet

God, I really can’t believe that I lost it!

The only pair that let me go

From 0 to 100 just as quick as you know

But wait, this too is also a dream

Those shoes that I have they’re not what they seem

They actually, really, do not exist

Here let me explain, I’ll make you a list:

-There are no such thing as dancing shoes

that take you from suffering, that beak the rules

-All of us, each one, we have to try

All day and all night, and yes, we will cry

Because for some reason we all thought we could put on those shoes

And that’s it, were done, nothing left to loose

But life is small goals, small steps, small tries

We can’t move at ALL but we don’t even want to TRY

To move a finger, a leg, or even a thigh

Because, honestly, the threat of failure is way too high

We can’t move at all but we hope to dance

Without trying to move to one singular stance

We keep thinking “Oh yes, well maybe today,

I’ll wake up and dance without work in any way”

We’re so scared what we’ll find along the way

That we decide to stay still, we decide not to play

We could all be dancers

ALL on Broadway

Where are those shoes? Oh well, Never mind.

I guess they’re lost.

I guess I won’t try.

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