Bts in hogwarts houses
Bts in hogwarts houses hogwarts stories

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I’m aware that I have different opinions than most people, but if you can respect mine I will respect yours 💜

Bts in hogwarts houses

Namjoon-ravenclaw (I know, a bit cliche, but he belongs among the proud nerds)

Jin-gryffindor (Proud mom friend, outrageously funny, the one all the professors know bc who doesn’t love Jin)

Yoongi-ravenclaw (Okay, y'all are probably gonna say slytherin, but with the way this man's brain works, he could go both ways)

Hoseok-gryffindor (Not all sunshine all the time, but definitely a helpful ally in times of need) (And y'all are gonna say hufflepuff but as a hufflepuff I say gryffindor)

Jimin-slytherin (his ambition is stronger than he is and that's saying something) (This is the man that only stopped practicing when he was passed out and his nose was bleeding)

Taehyung-hufflepuff (He’s literally so sweet idk I see him as my brother in house) (Very honest, a bit mischievous, good boy)

Jungkook-gryffindor (This man can do literally anything first try if that’s not main character energy idk what is) (Down to try anything mostly sane at least once)

And thus ends my TED Talk

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