Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 15(2/2)
Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 15(2/2) comedy stories

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Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 15(2/2)

(Note: This picks up where Chapter 15-Part 1 left off.)

As we sit at our table with Tomboy-kun, his mother walks over to us. "Sweetie, we're leaving. You already ate, right?", she says to him. "Aw, but we haven't had dessert yet.", he replies.

"And I had already told you on the way here that we may not have enough money for that right now. I already used the spare yen on the bill, so...tough luck. Let's go.".

My father, still feeling generous, says "Mrs. Nohara, was it?". She replies "Yes?". "I'll pay for your son's dessert, if you're okay with that.

", he says, even jokingly adding "Hell, I'll even drop him off at his house after this" with cocky laughter. This garnered a look of shock from both my mother and his.

"Honey, we don't have the time to do things lik~", Mother starts to interject, but was interrupted by Mrs. Nohara. "That actually works for me! Now be sure to tell them where we live, Kei-chan.

Since you run around town every day, you know where to go from here, right?", she says nonchalantly while kissing her son on the cheek. "Ugh.

", he groans, making her pout a little, and bopping him on the head before walking out of the restaurant, her long red hair flowing in the night breeze.

As we sit there with our new cargo, we say noting for a few seconds. "What a woman.", my mother soon pipes up. "Yes, you're lucky to have her.", my dad says to Tomboy-kun. "I know.

She was a track and field star in high school years ago.". Mother then pauses, and says "Wait...what was your mother's maiden name?". "Shima.", he replies.

This sparked a light in my mother's eyes that I had never seen before. "Your mother wouldn't happen to be the legendary Ban~""Banri Shima, yes.", Tomboy-kun interrupts Mother.

"I heard so many stories about my mother being Red Demon, this, Red Wind, that.

Do you know how it feels just being in someone's shadow? Even if I have beaten her school record, I'm still forever in her shadow...

", he sulks, showing sadness:something that I never thought he had in him. "I-I apologize, Nohara-kun.", Mother says. "No, it's fine.

It was my fault for bringing up old worries", he says, popping back to a grin.

Father says with a smile, "Let's get you that desert, huh? That good enough of a trophy for you? We only knew you for about five minutes, but it seems like you're our problem to solve for now.".

Tsundere-kun's dad hollers out "Your server will be right with you, IF THEY CAN JUST COME IN AND STOP PLAYING OLD VIDEO GAMES FOR A CHANGE!", obviously cueing in the person who will serve us.

We look at each other, muttering to ourselves: Me, on the status of our server, Father, on what we even wanted in the first place, Mother, concerned that there were no menus, and Tomboy-kun,

wondering on what dessert they had on special this time. As we were musing, a loud high pitch throat clear punctuated our thoughts.

We look up: A pink haired person with their hair tied up in a bun on each side wearing a Vietnamese qipao was looking at us.

No one had noticed them or the drink carrying cart they had pulled up during our commotion. Our server was Tsundere-kun. He looks at me and Tomboy-kun, then blushes in embarrassment. "Kuso...

", he mutters. Luckily for him, none of us, especially his dad, heard him say it. "You ordered drinks, right?", he asks. We nod.

Then he pulls out a cart beside him with water, green tea, and cola on it.

He then asks which one of us had which, then places our orders in front of each of us, blushing harder and trembling when he put the cola in front of me.

Father then asks "May we see a menu and order a dessert for our little friend here?". Tomboy-kun looks up at him, smiling happily. "Ano...s-sure.

", he says, pulling out a pen with his right hand. As he starts to write, Tomboy-kun says to him, "I thought you were left-handed.". Tsundere-kun stops writing while his dad overhears this.

His dad lets out a deep sigh, and mutters "Told him not to do that...". Tears start to well up in his eyes.

Father asks him "Do you know this person?". Tomboy-kun says "Yes, this is Miri-chan, and she goes to school with us.

The three of us all share homeroom, too!", he says, holding me with one arm, and Tsundere-kun by the other, while looking at my parents, grinning as bright as the sun.

I whisper in his ear "You might want to be careful what you say", pointing over at Tsundere-kun, who was grunting and screeching in a effort to break free.

As Tomboy-kun let him go, he clasps his hands together, bows, and says "I'm really sorry for that. I didn't mean to hurt you.". Tsundere-kun calms down, and wipes his tears. "I'm fine.

Just don't ever do that again. Now what dessert do you want, baka?", he says. His dad mumbles in a singsongy voice "You shouldn't address customers like that, even if they're your friends.

", as he washes dishes.

Tsundere-kun looks back at him and rolls his eyes, "They're not my friends, they~". He then coughs loudly and says "Anyways, have you made a decision?".

Tomboy-kun looks at one of the menus that were handed out to us, and says "Yes. One flan, please.". Tsundere-kun says "I didn't need a pen for this one.

ONE ORDER OF FLAN!", he calls out to his dad, that just finished washing the dishes. As he wipes sweat off of his receding hairline, his dad replies "Coming right up!".

Father says "I will have the Steak Tartare. Medium. What about you, honey?".

"Shrimp Tempura.", Mother replies.

"I'm fine with just ramen.", I tell Tsundere-kun. As he writes down our orders, he says "The bill will be placed with your order. Thank you for your patronage.

" What no one noticed was his lower half, which was obscured by the table. He turns around, his hips nearly knocking over my father's water. He holds it, startled.

His father sees this, shakes his head, and sighs,"What am I going to do with you?".

A beet-red Tsundere-kun looks down at my father and says "Sumimasen!", before running off, hips swishing frenzily.

My father stares at this with quite the dumbfounded look on his face. My mother pops him hard in the back of his head with an angry look on hers. Me and Tomboy-kun both conceal a chuckle at this.

"Anyways...", my mother started, jealously. "You didn't tell me how...well endowed your friend was in the lower area.

", clearly looking for a better way to word it, as it was coming out of her mouth.

"Yes! She has a lot of junk in the tru~", my father starts, but was interrupted by the sight of my mother glaring at him, growling with her fist curled up.

Tomboy-kun says "I really don't look at people that way, but I do know that her chair is over twice as wide as everyone else's, and it isn't bolted to the ground,

but I just guessed that was because the last one was removed. Anyways, Miri-chan is Miri-chan, right?", he says, nudging me on the shoulder. "Hai.", I agree, smiling at him.

Tsundere-kun, listening behind a nearby pillar, puts a hand up to his chest, and sighs with relief.

"She seems pretty shy in front of you two.", my father adds. "You think maybe~", he starts to say cheerfully. "Honey! Don't.", Mother says, knowing good and well what he was about to ask.

"Yooouuuu thiiiink~", he starts again. "Stop it.", my mother says, sternly taking a sip of her tea. "~Mmmmmmmaaaaybe she likes one of you?". (Oh, dear. There he goes again.), my mother thinks to herself. I nearly do a spit take from my cola.

Tomboy-kun says, "Nah. She's just not a people person, is all.". Somehow, this disappoints both my parents.

"Well, any friend of hers is a friend of ours! HAHA!", my dad says with uproarious laughter.

A soft and sweet "Arigatou..." can be heard nearby. I notice a pair of hips in a qipao sticking out from behind a pillar before vanishing off. I smile at this, and turn back towards the table.

The dad comes out with our orders, and says "Sorry for the wait!". My father replies "No, it's perfectly fine, sir.".

We dig in and the bill is paid. The food was well worth the wait, as while it didn't rival that of Cringe-kun's onee-san, it was better than most chefs by a mile.

We chose not to eat dessert because it was a school night, so we said our goodbyes to the restaurant owner.

As we drop Tomboy-kun off, I fall asleep in the back of the car. My parents look back at this, then look at each other, smiling. The two kiss as we drive home.

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