Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 11(2/4)
Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 11(2/4) adult stories

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For a he-she-demon, Tsundere-kun is sure angelic to the homeroom teacher. Maybe out of admiration, or that she's related to the girl that he lik~OOPS! Parts 3 and 4 incoming tomorrow.


Crossdress Chronicles:Chapter 11(2/4)

(Note: This picks up immediately from where Chapter 11-Part 1 left off.)

(The teacher is super late. She could probably get fired at this rate. I hope Cringe-kun and the President could put in a good word for he~.) *HOOONK!*.

A loud nose blow interrupted my concern for the teacher. (Oh, karma. What a fickle mistress.), I think, as I grin at Tsundere-kun suffering from his allergies.

Three people from the other side of the classroom walks up over to him. One of them asks "Nice twintails.

Who does your hair?, and another says "I know this nice Karaoke bar in a prefecture on the other side of town. We could all go there this weekend and get to know you!".

As if being flooded with commentary from these people isn't bad enough to him, Tsundere-kun is also feeling a tickle in his nose.

The third one says "My older cousin from Chiba is modeling in the US, and she could definitely use a pair of hips like yours, though I don't think hers could ever get as big.

What's your secret? Is it natural, or a bolt on? I doubt that it's the former (JK LOL), but I never seen a booty that big in my life, so I hope I wasn't being presum~".

Tsundere-kun lets out a shrill gasp and sneezes loudly into the tissue that Tomboy-kun had given him.

"Ew, gross!", the leader of the three says. "If you were sick, you should've told us before we walked over here, like, what-ever!". The trio walk away.

(Kinda wonder why people even bother with that guy.), I think to myself. The classroom doors burst open. (Well, look who it is. Finally.), I think to myself.

The homeroom teacher says "I heard that sneeze from down the hallway. Whoever that was better not disrupt my class.". Tsundere-kun turns red, embarrassed, and trembles, looking away.

The teacher proceeds to slam down a load of files on the desk, and says nothing for a few seconds.

She then stares at the class, and says to us "Why don't YOU try filing these during a graveyard shift before the deadline!?".

She was clearly in no mood for anyone's shit, but that's par for the course when it comes to Bucket-sensei.

A student raises his hand, and asks "Excuse me, sensei? If I may ask, where were you this whole time?". (Walking on eggshells there, man.), I think to myself, as I look over at him.

"Where do you think?", the homeroom teacher stares daggers toward the student as he eyeballs the loads of paperwork on her desk. "Gomenasai.", he says, not saying more. "GOOD.

We may now begin the lesson.

If you would turn to page 54~" *HOOONK!*, she begins, as she's interrupted by Tsundere-kun blowing his nose. "G-Gomenasai!", he apologizes, desperate to be spared from punishment. "Whatever.

", she responds, surprisingly nonchalant, but clearly in an uncaring mood about it. "If you would turn your books to page 54, we will continue the lesson on the Shinsengumi.

Isao Kondo was feared by many a~" *HOOONK!*. Another noseblow interrupts her lesson. "Ugh.", Tsundere-kun groans, while furiously rubbing his nose with the tissue.

He massages his temples, and apologizes once more, explaining his situation.

Trying not to lose her shit, the teacher says "Try to hold it in please.". "H-hai!", Tsundere-kun says in a high pitch shriek.

He then looks over at the buckets full of water on the wall, and curls his arms up while wincing and trembling. (Oh, look at that. He can feel fear. What are the odds?), I think to myself.

The teacher continues the lesson.

"Now, recite this text: 'The blood of my enemies stains my blade. The blood of my comrades stains my soul'." As we repeat the line, Tsundere-kun's nose starts to drip again.

He sniffles it back up, then it drips again. He sniffles again. This process repeats itself until our reciting was interrupted by a series of sniffles, and a loud honk from him blowing his nose.

"That's it! Grab a pair of buckets, and stand out in the hallway! NOW!", the teacher yells. "H-hai! Sumimasen.", he says, as he gets up, bows in shame towards her, and sways towards the buckets.

(He's surprisingly respectful to teachers. I wonder why that is.), I think to myself.

He picks two up, and waddles out into the hallway, making everyone, except the teacher stare at the prominent size of his posterior, while she closes the door behind him.

"Get your minds out of the gutter.", she says, as she continues the lesson.

I watch him outside the hallway window, holding buckets, while pouting and sniffling up a nasal drip for the umpteenth time and think to myself (As much as I want payback,

this is a sad sight to see, even for him.). The teacher then says "Now, Toshizo Hijikata was a troubled soul. As the right hand man of Kondo-san, he had to be on his guard at all times.

However, considering their work, they had trouble loom over them, even when they least expect it. This is why you always respect your friendly neighborhood police officers.".

The teacher continues, "Apparently, the bell dismissing homeroom is about to ring.

We will go over Souji Okita in our next lesson tomorrow so consider yourself prepa~" *HASHOOO!* ,Tsundere-kun interrupts from the hallway.

"Shut up already!", the teacher yells, throwing a book at the part of the window behind Tsundere-kun, with the loud bang startling him and almost making him spill the water.

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