Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 47 (First Quarter)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 47 (First Quarter) comedy stories

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Arcs like these are easier to write, because of the comfy setting and mood. Reformatting since this is my wordiest one to the date. I hope this works wonders.

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Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 47 (First Quarter)

Saturday comes.

The sun glistens with a brilliant splendor through my window as a ray of it splashes across my eyes.

Rubbing them awake, I grab my phone to check the time: 8:17.

(I have plenty of time.), I thought to myself.

Letting out a weary yawn, I get prepared for the day, dotting Is and crossing Ts.

This took about half an hour.

As I look at myself in the bathroom mirror one last time, I remembered what he said to me that day: "If you want to spend it doing something else, feel free to. I DON'T CARE!".

Knowing him, that was a lie. Plus, since we're a couple, time together is kind of an obligation

I shudder as I think of what he would do if I spent today doing anything but.

Slapping my cheek once, I look in the mirror with a confident expression, nodding. Closing the door, I head off.

As I look at my phone, I say, "8:50...I'll be there so early, he'll be the late one!", with a snicker.

As I approach the gate to the restaurant, I look up at the second story window.

(Doesn't seem like he's awake.), I think to myself.

I look at the other windows.

(Or anyone else, for that matter.)

I approach the door.

(I guess it couldn't hurt to find out for myself.)

Before I even knock, the door swings open, and the voice and face on the other side of it was none other than my boyfriend.

I jump back with a yelp.

"You're late. Again.", the twintailed Tsundere says, looking up at me, arms crossed.


"REEEH!?", I exclaim in disbelief that he expected me to come any earlier.

"Oh, please. I was just messing with you, baka. In fact, you're way earlier than I thought.", the pear-shaped prude mentions.

"", I say, twiddling my fingers.

"No, it was my fault for not specifying a time, but at least you're here.", he says looking at me.

As we stand on opposite sides of the doorway, we exchange a glance at each other.

His glorious golden eyes meet my normal ones, causing us both to blush.

As we continue to lock eyes, our blush intensifies.

Snapping out of it, Tsundere-kun turns around, hefty rear spinning with an astonishing swish, and walks away, but notices me still in the doorway as he looks back.

"Well? Aren't you going to come in?"

This question snaps me out of the trance I had been in since looking into his eyes.

"Ah...of c-course.", I say, as I close the door behind me, following him to the living room.


As I sit down on the floor, Tsundere-kun tells me that his sister Hana is supposed to be joining our date.

Of course, I had no problem with that, as I had plenty of yen saved up.

He walks into the kitchen where they had two separate freezers: One was for their own personal use, the other was shipments of meat, veggies, and the like.

Under NO circumstances were they allowed to take items from the latter, for that was strictly for the restaurant.

Tsundere-kun opens the house freezer, pulling out some frozen vegetables.

"This'll do good.", he says, holding an onion while licking his lips.

He chops the onion, crying a bit.

As he puts them all in a bowl, he mixes some potatoes in, then some carrots.

Coating the mixture in various spices, he puts them in a skillet while turning on a tea kettle.

Mixing them up in oil, he looks at it.

(I hope he'll like this.), Tsundere-kun muses.

Yawning loudly, he sifts the mixture around until it was all browned.

Finishing the product, he walks back in the living room.

He sets a plate on the table in front of me.

I exclaim, "Y-you didn't have to~".

"It's not like I made you breakfast or anything...baka. I just wanna make sure you are not trying to go out on an empty stomach, is all...

", he replies, scratching his cheek while looking away, face red.

I would have said I already had breakfast to save time, but that would be a lie he could see through. Nothing could fool him.

"A-anyway, eat up, baka.", he says.

"What about you?", I ask.

"I can always eat later. For now, I need to finish getting dressed.", he says, walking away.

As he heads to the stairs, he lets out another loud but cute yawn, stretching his arms out.

His dad walks down it groggily, scratching his stomach.

"Good morning, dad.", Tsundere-kun says, rubbing his eyes.

"Grumumuml", his dad responds.

"Oh, right. You need your coffee.", Tsundere-kun mentions hesitantly.

As I am about to take the first bite, I look up, noticing the dad passing me.

"Ohayou! Good morning.", I call out.

"Rrrmmmrrrr", he grumbles back, as he heads to the kitchen.

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