Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (2/2)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (2/2) comedy stories

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Sometimes, the best way to infiltrate a place in an attempt to save someone is through disguises. 👓👓👓


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 41 (2/2)

"Ok, this is the plan: Young Tenryou and Motonoya will go in the front.", the Alchemy teacher starts.

Cringe-kun spat out pieces of a doughnut he was scarfing down.

"W-WHAT!?", he screams after a brief gasp.

"I know it may seem absurd, but~"

"It IS ridiculous! Plus, how will we know where the mansion is at?", Cringe-kun says, cutting off the old teacher before he could finish his sentence.

"You should already know by now, the biggest house in the town closest to the mountain is the Fujikoba estate.

Do you not remember that trip you took as a freshman?", the Alchemy teacher asks him.

"I remember taking a tour through some rich guy's mansion, yeah.", Cringe-kun says.

"Nice indoor aquarium, and wildlife preserve, then I got lost and remember seeing a white room where an old man was getting a needle in~I ummm...don't want to mention it.", Cringe-kun continues, then it slowly hits him.

"That was the Fujikoba house!? No wonder I got lost!", he screamed as he remembered how horrifying that day was for him after he was separated from the group for hours.

I chuckle a little as Prez-kun sighs, shaking his head.

(If it wasn't for that nice lady that helped me get back...Vera...something...I would've been lost for the whole day!) Cringe-kun reminisced in fear.

I then look at the door.

(I hope Shy-kun will be okay. This had to hit him the hardest. I'll talk to him once dismissed.), I think to myself.

Prez-kun stands up and bows his head.

"With all due respect, sensei, I agree with Motonoya-san. I must decline.", he says.

The Alchemy teacher gives a puzzled look.

"Allow me to explain. He most likely will not listen to us, as he does not know us. Even if what you say is possible, he comes from a rich family, and we could all go to jail for this.

Plus, how are we supposed to go about this?", he asks the Alchemy teacher.

"That is where I come in.", the Principal says, coming in the door with a mellower, but still visibly concerned Shy-kun trailing behind him.

He was holding two female school uniforms.

Prez and Cringe-kun both managed to stammer a "N-no way...", in unison.

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