Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (3/5)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (3/5) comedy stories

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With panic abound, and tension high, the mood is at unease out of concern for those who were lost.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 38 (3/5)

Over the course of PE, a worried look was on Shy-kun's face.

(I hope he's okay...), Shy-kun thought to himself, putting a hand on his chest.

I was throwing a couple of misaimed shots, when I looked over at him.

(He seems really upset.), I think to myself.

I could feel the negativity swarming from him, and knew he wasn't going to feel any better until his mind was at ease.

After PE, we go to our separate classes until we regroup during fourth period in Alchemy.

Shy-kun comes up to me.

"Please, help me. I-I can't take my mind off of it. He has never once been absent until today, and I feel like what I had overheard may have been related to it.", he says.

I tell him, "Maybe he'll come tomorrow. Just give it time, and let it pan out. I'm sure this is nothing to worry about.", I say, patting my head.

"Ok...", he responds.

The Alchemy teacher looks at us with one of his bushy eyebrows raised.

He had been eavesdropping.

As I walk home, I think to myself, (Surely, they're both okay, right?).

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