Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 34
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A new club member for the Honorary Committee debuts in this chapter...or do they?


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 34

Shy-kun was watering plants on the school roof when a loud thud was heard on the side of the greenhouse.

This caught his attention as he walked toward the source of the noise.

Looking down, he saw a bird, a finch, to be exact, heavily injured by the impact.

"Aieeee! Oh, no! I'll take care of you! I promise!", Shy-kun blurts out without thinking of the possible consequences of keeping a wild animal at school.

Holding the bird, he looks around in a panic.

(Oh...I wish President Tenryou-senpai was here. It's a Saturday, so he's probably elsewhere. Oh, maybe I could ask Fujikoba-senpai.

She can help!), he thinks to himself as he calls his club subordinate.

Ojou-kun answers his phone. "OHOHOHO! It's rare that you call me, my dear President. Considering it's usually the other way around, this must mean you have something to tell me.

...Or a favor, mayhaps?"

Ojou-kun was right on the nose with that one.

"Gomenasai! It's urgent. I found this bird that crashed in the side of the greenhouse *hic*, and it might be dying, and *hic*, and *hic*, and *hic*~", Shy-kun blubbers on the other side.

"Say no more. I'll be there in a minute.", Ojou-kun replies.

"Milord, what would you like for the prisoner to eat today?"

A voice that Shy-kun was unfamiliar with was heard on the other side.

It was Watson, asking Ojou-kun about Wildcard-kun's breakfast.

(Lord? Prisoner? What?), Shy-kun thinks to himself.

"Who was that?", Shy-kun asks out of curiosity as he calms down.

"O-Ohohohoh, it's nothing, just speaking to myself.", Ojou-kun lies, then adding further suspicion to himself, tries (and fails) to impersonate his butler.

"'Oh, the prisoner is free! Pip pip cheerio!' 'How could this happen?' 'I have no bloody clue!' ohoho...", Ojou-kun says, ending with an awkward chuckle.

A suspicious Shy-kun wanted to say something, but he decides not to pry, as it may lead to unwarranted trouble.

"Anyways, please excuse me for a second. Is that okay, dear President?", Ojou-kun asks.

"H-hai!", Shy-kun responds.

Once his phone was laying on a table well out of listening distance in the study, he walked up to his butler, who was slightly offended at his master's stereotypical impersonation of him, but dared not to show his disdain.

"How many times have I told you not to use male pronouns around company?", a furious Ojou-kun scolds him.

"Every morning during briefing, if I recall correctly.", his servant responds.

"And what did you do?", Ojou-kun responds.

"My apologies.", Watson says with a forlorn bow.

"Father will hear about this.", Ojou-kun tells him.

"Y-yes sir. Understood.", Watson replies.

"Now, I have matters to attend to. Unless the yardkeeper set the house on fire again, kindly refrain from interrupting our conversation again.", Ojou-kun says.

"Yes sir. About our guest?", Watson asks.

"Another thing you will refrain from doing is mentioning that in front of company. You are fit to serve him whatever is edible. Now with the trivializes out of the way, you are dismissed. ", Ojou-kun tells him with a brushing away motion of his right hand.

"Very good, sir.", Watson bows.

Ojou-kun walks back to his phone with a resounding "OHOHO!", echoing through the room.

Shy-kun is happy to hear him again.

"My apologies. I just needed a restroom break, is all.", Ojou-kun says, lying through his teeth.

"Oh, it's ok! Welcome back!", Shy-kun says with a tearful smile.

"Ohoho! OOOOOOHOHOHO! How is he?", Ojou-kun asks about the bird.

Shy-kun looks down at the finch on his lap.

"Breathing, but unconscious. Can you come?", Shy-kun asks.

"Of course. Give me five minutes. Is he able to hold on until then?", Ojou-kun asks his boss.

"I think so. I really apologize for interrupting your day with this.", says a worried Shy-kun.

"Anything for a friend, especially you, my dear President. See you then. OHOHOHO!", Ojou-kun says hanging up.

Ojou-kun snaps his fingers. "Celeste, go fetch the pilot. I need to take a joyride."

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