Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (1/3)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (1/3) comedy stories

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We'll get to the main story soon, but first, a little something about a certain cat maid that happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and his wealthy persecutor.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 32 (1/3)

Ojou-kun was sitting at the table in his parent's estate later that night.

"Watson, be a dear, and bring my guest. Don't waste a single second.", he says, snapping his fingers.

Watson Caulfield, his personal butler since he was in diapers, said, "Very well, sir.", and rushed out of the room instantly.

"What shall I do, sir?", Celeste Vera, his maid, said.

"You shall remain here on standby.", Ojou-kun replies.

"Understood, sir.", she responds with a curtsy.

For a man of 72, Watson was fast. He wasted no time in rushing into the cellar where a certain black-haired Wildcard was being kept prisoner in, still in a cat maid outfit.

Bound and gagged, but not blindfolded, the light of the outside room shone in his eyes, making him squint as Watson's silhouette opened the door.

Wildcard-kun started struggling furiously as Watson approached him.

"Milady is furious with you, you know?", the aged butler says to Wildcard-kun.

He then tries to remove the gag, which prompts a load of grunts from the neko meido.

"I won't bite, but she will.", Watson says to him, while continuing to remove the gag.

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