Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 29 (2/5)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 29 (2/5) comedy stories

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I know my sense of humor can use some polishing, so don't be afraid to give me pointers. ☕


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 29 (2/5)

On the way to school, I rub my forehead and recoil in pain.

It was still a little black in color, but better than it was yesterday.

The school bell rings as I enter homeroom.

Class is now in session...or it would be, if a certain teacher was here.was

"UUUUUEECH!", a heaving Ms. Buckets retches into a trash can on the sidewalk, hungover after a night of partying with other teachers.

She clutches her head and groans. "Ugh. Never again.", she vows, as she stumbles toward the school.

"Does this mean we get a free day!? Woohooo!!!", shouts Tomboy-kun from his desk at the back of the class.

His twintailed friend swivels around to face him.

"Of course we don't, you baka!", Tsundere-kun replies.

As I sit in my desk, they both look at me.

"Bro, what happened to you? You look like you got fucked up!", Tomboy-kun says, leaning forward over his desk to take a good look at my face with his head cocked sideways.

Tsundere-kun shouted, "Watch your mouth, dumbass!", unaware of his own contradiction.

"I'm fine.", I reassure them with a smile.

Tsundere-kun looks at me with a sorrowful look on his face, and I look back, nodding.

Bucket-sensei then stumbles in.

She was incredibly late.

"Let's get this over with.", she demands.

"Hai!", the class shouts.

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