Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 18
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 18 comedy stories

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Trying to take a different approach to my writing. Feel free to let me know what you think. 😀


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 18

Two days after the incident, I sit alone in a classroom. Lunchtime had just ended, but I noticed that Ojou-kun had not talked to me since that day.

I think nothing of it, and proceed to go to the Alchemy room.

I muse to myself in the hallway (What plans does Keisuke have for the weekend?), thinking that Tomboy-kun may be the perfect person to hang out with.

I am so lost in thought, that I miss the Alchemy room door altogether, and end up opening the room door next to it.

Inside was Makoto, the Ojou-kun "herself", changing into a gym uniform, and bloomers. I stare down...that was not normal in any sense. Upon looking at me, his face had turned beet-red.

He says "How dare you barge in on me!?", which elicited a yelp of terror from my throat. "G-G-gomen! Wrong door!", I say, shutting it tightly behind me.

As I'm panting in shock over what happened, he says from the other side "You saw.". I have no words to return this. He repeats himself "You saw, didn't you?". I let out a nervous "N-no.

", but I was clearly lying. For a male, especially one that crossdresses as a female way out of my league, he was incredibly well-endowed.

He then sternly infers "You BETTER keep what just happened between us.". I, knowing better, say "I promise. I will never tell a soul about this!".

A loud "Ohoho!" can be heard from the other side. "You seem like a honest person, so I trust you. Very well, then. Off with you.", he dismisses me casually.

I apologize once again, and head to the right classroom this time. After the class was over, a blue-haired blur clomps me from behind.

"Kamamori-kun! I told you not to keep doing that!", I scold him as I turn around to face him. He looks up at me with a pout, until I say "Okay, just this once.", permitting him to nuzzle me.

He squeaks happily, then buries his face into my torso.

After he gets it out of his system, he thanks me, and says "Could you please do me a favor?". I jokingly remark "Besides the one I just did for you?" with a wry laugh.

Ignoring my quip, he says, I was looking for people to join the Botany Club with me, and was wondering if you wanted to join.

" I say that I wouldn't have time to balance the committee and a second club at this moment.

Dejected by my response, Shy-kun says "I understand...", tearing up. "My parents are strict on homework and expect me to be home by a certain time on school nights.", I say.

I start to think to myself, on how I can make him happy, then it dawned on me. I say to him "I can help you out on the weekends.

Since you're the president of the club, you have access to the roof. We can do it thOOF!", being interrupted by him hugging me tight from hearing this news. "Thank you so much!", he squeals.

I hug him back.

As we head to the roof afterschool to get a brief view of the greenhouse, I see a blonde rich looking person in a red uni-oh fuck.

Makoto was already there, trimming a rose that had recently bloomed. He then looks up. "Ohohoho! I see you have returned, dear President!".

"Haaaaai! There's someone I want you to meet, Fujikoba-senpai!", he shouts happily, waving the rich boy over.

Beads of sweat drip down my face as he walks over, his response upon seeing me, "Y-you...", was priceless. "This is my vice-president, Fujikoba-senpai.", he unknowingly re-introduces me.

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