Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(4/4)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(4/4) adult stories

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As promised, the final part. Thank you for joining me on this four part vehicle ride of a story arc. I hope you enjoy it. As for where I have been for the past week or so, family stuff got in the way, but I am back to writing now.


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 11(4/4)

(Note: This picks up seven hours after where Chapter 11-Part 3 left off.)

As I wake up in the nurse's office, a familiar face greets me. Saya-chan is writing notes, unaware that I'm awake.

I ask "How long was I out?", which frightens her, as she was caught off guard by sudden speech interjecting the silence she was caught up in.

Startled, she fumbles her clipboard and pen, nearly dropping them, but catches them. "Gomenasai.", I say. "No, don't be. You just gave me a shock, waking up like that, is all.

Nohara-kun found you in the bathroom because you were late for PE.", she says. (Tomboy-kun to the rescue! Sankyuu!), I think to myself.

She then continues "Unfortunately, we're already in fourth period.". "I was out for a whole day!?", I exclaim.

She eyeballs the piece of paper that Tsundere-kun gave me, "Yes, and if I may be honest... something bothers me: Where did you get that from?". I ask her what she meant by "that". "THAT.

Where did you get it from?", referring to the paper. As much as I wanted to say "From Miri-chan.", I didn't, as something was off about all of this.

"I-It's the address of his family's restaurant...I-I'm sorry!", she says as she breaks down in tears.

I ask her what was the problem. She explains how there was rumors that Tsundere-kun died a few weeks ago, which was why he didn't show up.

I decided not to tell her that he was very well alive and kicking, heavy emphasis on the kicking, as she wouldn't hear a word of it with the state of grief she was in.

Instead, I decided to say "Rumors are rumors.". Plain, simple, and straight to the point. "You're right, but~", she starts. "Believe.", I say to her.

"Believe that he may be out there, somewhere.", finishing the conversation. She wipes her tears, and silently nods with a serious look of resolve on her face.

Cringe-kun opens the curtains, and says "Yo! Time to go! I'll walk you home, buddy!".

"You don't have to~", I start to say. "You pass my house every day on the way to school, and yours is the closest to mine, so might as well.", he says. "So, all set to jet? Just kidding.

I'm scared of heights.", referring to a jet plane. "Classic Cringe-kun", me and Saya-says, before we looked at each other and burst out laughing over how well timed our response was.

Considering the pain was still in my stomach, it hurt to laugh.

"Hey!", Cringe-kun says, defeated. "Gomenasai, Motonoya-kun.", Saya-chan says. "Yes, I apologize too.", I say as I get up, and the final bell rings. "So...all set?", he asks.

"Shall we?", I respond, looking back at Saya-chan for approval. "You are officially discharged. Have a nice day." We both bow to her, as we exit the nurse's office.

"Man, you really need to stop fainting in weird places.", Cringe-kun says as we walk home. "You have no idea.", I say to him.

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