Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (8/10)
Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (8/10) comedy stories

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Not so much as a long day than feel like a longish day. Put two people that don't get along in a room together, and watch a mere couple of hours turn into a thousand!


Crossdress Chronicles: Chapter 25 (8/10)

As we turned around, the one to greet us was none other than the host himself, Deadpan-kun.

"So we meet again, mes amis.", he says.

He's wearing a red bunny suit instead of black this time.

"Weren't you and the audience already having fun ripping into me earlier? Why would you feel the need to reintroduce yourself?", a bitter Cringe-kun says.

"Oh, my. That was just foreplay, amigo. Now that your friend from last time is here, I can formally greet you.", he says to Cringe-kun.

"Yeah, sure, whatever.", Cringe-kun snides.

Deadpan notices something different this time.

He looks around, then remarks "Where's your dark haired friend? You know, the one that overindulged in the cake last time?"

"President Tenryou is busy today, so I came alone earlier just to hurry up and get this over with.", Cringe-kun coldly says, drinking from a cup he had laid on the table next to him.

"Now, now. You say you don't like coming to these events, but do you really believe that?", he says.

"Of course! No one likes to hear themselves get shittalked for THREE HOURS STRAIGHT! I counted from the moment I walked in.", Cringe-kun raises his voice.

He was here way earlier than I thought he was.

"Cringe-kun...", I say with concern in my voice.

"Look, why don't you just live a little. I do my routine to work you up, because that's what the crowd wants. One must always think about what all wants, not just what one wants.

A little sage advice from me to you. I invite you to these things to help you, to become less~"

"Cringy?", Cringe-kun says, interrupting his rival's speech.

"Yes, but also to show you that if you want to be successful, you must find what panders to an audience, and make it click. If you can't do that, you might as well give up and go home.", Deadpan-kun says, bluntly.

Cringe-kun's mind shatters for a split second upon hearing how dismissive he sounded.

"After all, I ran out of material in those three hours, if it makes you feel any better.", Deadpan-kun says, pouting with disappointment.

I look over at Cringe-kun, who was celebrating at this revelation.

Today will be a long day.

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