Character Bios-Supporting Cast: The Nurse's Aide
Character Bios-Supporting Cast: The Nurse's Aide adult stories

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No, the NURSE herself will never make an appearance. This'll be a running gag.

Character Bios-Supporting Cast: The Nurse's Aide

Name: Saya Tetsujin

Alias: The Nurse's Assistant

Birthdate: April 12

Hair: Brown/Long

Eyes: Hazel

Age: 14

Blood Type: A

Height: 5'0

Bust: 4/10

Waist: 5/10

Hips: 5/10

Favorite food/drink: Tsundere-kun's yakisoba bread(still remembers the taste from when they were 5)/Strawberry milk

Trivia: -Is the assistant to the nurse

-is popular, despite not standing out much

-listens to "Teasips" by the Vandread(a rock band from another town) almost religiously

-has a pet kitten and two snakes

-hates cheese despite a certain admirer liking it

-speaking of, has no idea that crossdressed Tsundere-kun is her old friend, despite the obvious mannerisms, looks, and uncannily same name(she believes he died by an unknown incident, of course)

-is the niece of the Homeroom teacher of MC, Tomboy, Tsundere, and Wildcard

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