Yellow unrequited love stories
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rachellauryn trying to figure things out. 19.
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Sunshine, dandelions, main roads, faded record sleeves.
Thoughts that spin around the head of a romantic. This boy was yellow.


You thought you were special You thought that I would never get over you And while to you I felt the closest I have also gotten over you the fastest (#3)

Was this one-sided? Will it ever be the same? I'll just keep writing. (a living, breathing cliffhanger)

I don't like clichés But the colors in your eyes Melt me to the core (Sea foam and cloudy skies)

Driving down winding roads Shadows flickering Cameras flashing Eyes squinting Hours upon hours spent laughing and asking questions that had tough answers Watching the sunset and ordering all the same food. "Tell me everything," was the theme of our summer. (fondest memories of summer)

Thoughts about that night When you wrapped me in your arms Make my head dizzy (back and forth, back and forth)

As the sun hits my back and my feet ache from the miles I've walked I can't help but wonder if there is an invisible burden I carry because you aren't here walking alongside me (or maybe I'm a romantic. or maybe it's just been a long day)

If I'm honest with myself, I knew my strangling grip would be the end of what I held as beautiful Still I held tight to Every moment Every word Every breath Until all that was left to do Was to release what was left From my white knuckled fist (the love strangled to death)

I've simply added you to my collection of unfinished art-- I'd like to continue but it seems as if the moment is gone (is it?)

The warmth of summer Haunts my dreams and reminds me Of the life I've lost (everything changes)

Your jacket doesn't smell like you anymore and that scares me because I don't want to forget the smell of your cologne, the way your arms felt when they wrapped around me, or the leap in my stomach when you smiled (maybe I'm getting over it and maybe I don't want to)

As the record spins Please tell me you think of me And your head spins too (sweet sounds of unrequited love)

My heart used to break and I'd feel sad for what I was missing But now I feel sad for what you won't let yourself have (new heartache, new perspective)

This silence kills me A sharp blade of unsaid words Get it over with (death by suspense)

I no longer long for your arms around me I no longer wish you would come sweep me off my feet. The beautiful flower which I wanted to have for my own Was picked far too soon By a girl with thinner fingers and lighter hair It is now wilted and is now useless to me (you would've looked beautiful on my windowsill.)

I'm kissed by the sun The beach left salt on my tongue The memories warm (sunset)

Don't show this boy your music Because sure enough he will leave Taking the life and melody with him And ruin your favorite song (guard your heart and hide your records)

I let you in then you pushed me out (wasn't I in control? wasn't that my own heart?)

I thought I was special But I'm just another one of your 200 unread text messages (shutting out the world won't make it go away)

The chill of heartbreak numbs my bones and knocks me down But I won't succumb (heart-pothermia)

Words for the Heartbroken: Just because they don't like you doesn't mean you're unlikable Just because you don't feel as good in your skin doesn't mean you aren't beautiful Just because you feel fooled doesn't mean you aren't intelligent And just because it hurts now doesn't mean it will forever (this isn't you)

You were so sweet to me You told me to take my time to move on and that you were sorry But you failed to realize How easy it was to move on When you already had (clean break)

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