Green leaving stories

rachellauryn trying to figure things out. 19.
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2 A.M. sighs,
trees in headlights,
foggy glasses.
Thoughts that spin around the head of a romantic. This boy was green.


We knew from the first hour that we would know each other for only a few more We dove in anyways And told each other that we would never forget And I can't say I could (#4)

He leaned in close and whispered, "I'm looking for the fear in your eyes" I touched my nose to his and replied, "There isn't any." (Go for it)

"Who came before me?" He asked. I wondered if I should tell him about the boys who broke my heart before his lips touched my neck. Do I admit to the boy caressing my hair that I wanted someone else hold my heart a few days prior? Do I want him to know me that deeply? (don't worry about it)

"You could've kissed me an hour ago" In hindsight, he whispered into my neck between kisses, I should've gone for it. In hindsight, I thought to myself after the fact, maybe it's for the best you didn't. (no matter how many times you kiss my neck, I still have to go)

"why is your hand on the steering wheel?" "why is your leg shaking?" "did you not like that?" "why don't you initiate a kiss?" "what happens after this?" "are you okay?" (signs i didn't like him as much as he seemed to like me)

One of the strangest feelings I have ever experienced is to look someone in the eye after the moment after you've kissed them; to know nothing yet everything has changed; to know how to charm them but not how to make them feel happy when they are sad; to know the texture of their tongue but not know so much as their favorite color. (hollow intimacy)

Sometimes a nice cup of coffee Is sweeter than any kiss And more bitter than any heartache Given to you by a boy who doesn't know you like he thinks he does (caffeinated kisses)

"I like your laughs" "I like your hands" "I like your hair" "I like your teeth" "I want to see you again" (sweet things my first kiss told me) "I like your teeth" "I like your neck" "I like your arms" "I like kissing you" "I'm leaving tomorrow" (sweet things I told my first kiss)

"I have to leave," I whispered into his mouth "But you aren't telling me to go," he whispers as he goes to steal another kiss from my lips (It's 3 A.M.)

You told me the tale of two lovers Who met at the wrong time, and said how great it would've been if they had only met at a different point in life and from your sighs I should've known You were telling me exactly how you felt (goodbye)

You put me to your lips and breathed me in Hooked You went in for more One, two, three, four... Until soon you knew you were running low But convenience stores don't open at 3 A.M. for one boy in need of a smoke, panicked for another drag before facing an empty pack (To be kissed like nicotine)

Sweet kisses Sweet dreams Sweet boy Now only sweet memories For a kiss only lasts a moment, A dream only lasts a night, And a boy only a season (I told you I would never see you again and I meant it)

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