Wishing and Waiting
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You'll leave this earth miserable and lonely with that mindset and attitude.

Wishing and Waiting

You've been wishing on my downfall.

Wishing for me to lose it all.

You'll be wishing for a million lifetimes.

Saying that I will fail.

I continue to prevail.

Prospering in this life of mine.

There's been some bumps in the road.

Still, my own path I choose to go.

You're still wishing and waiting.

You've been waiting for me to come back.

Waiting to have the last laugh.

You still haven't chuckled.

Said "don't you ever come back".

Turn around and ask to contact.

I haven't looked back since I burned rubber.

I've made it farther than you've imagined.

You never thought this would happen.

You were still wishing and waiting.

Plotting to lessen my success.

Still, I've made some progress.

You've tried, but to no avail.

You didn't want to support.

Saying there's no money in art.

Tried to hurt with words, but you've failed.

You've plotted against me all along.

Thought you were right, but got it wrong.

You were wishing and waiting.

Didn't want me to leave, but couldn't wait for me to go.

With all I've achieved, I'm glad I'm not there anymore.

I'm genuinely happy and bettering myself.

Acquiring more knowledge so I can excel,

The same spot you're still sitting; generational wealth I'm making.

You're still just wishing and waiting.

You're wishing and waiting.

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