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Going through so much internally. It hurts tremendously.


I wish I could board a plane.

Not to any physical place.

A place where I can end all the pain.

I want to live to see the day, but the habits won't quit.

I want to change so bad, but I will never have strength to end it.

I'm hurting him, but mostly myself.

Might as well get two for one: end my life and the relationship.

I want to fly in a plane as high as I can.

Then come crashing down; rid myself of the toxicity I can't stand.

I want to leave on a jet plane.

Not on vacation, but to stay.

No matter how much I love you, I'll only hurt you in the end.

Worry not about me, you'll find real love that won't break or bend.

You're better off without me; I feel it in my gut.

With me tagging along, you might get stuck.

Though I may leave your side in a horrible way,

Know that "I love you" was the most honest thing I've said.

I'll see you again. This time, better and stronger. - Elohi

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