Make that change!!!
Make that change!!! change stories

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This life is give and receive, not give and take.

Make that change!!!

I know I usually post poems, but wanted to share an amazing experience in hopes at least one person will take away a positive message from this and apply it to their life.

Double the upload, double the content. Took a lot of patience, but I was able to push through and get these videos done.

Though they're short and simple, the process I currently go through makes it extremely time consuming. Still, it's worth every moment that lead to this accomplishment.

Hope you all enjoy! Feel free to leave any feedback on what I can do to improve my video quality and share any tips and tools for future use.

You & Me, P&C | Water for the People!

In the Studio: Something Beautiful in the Making!:

Doing our first charity event not only helped those who were genuinely wished for assistance, but put the warmest feeling in my heart I've felt in a long time.

Though it was a new experience and the goal was to lend out an assisting hand, I was still able to enjoy myself because of the team I'm apart of.

Surround yourself with positive, like minded people and some of the greatest things will be accomplished. That day was a huge success and I'm excited for the future.

I've never seen someone play saxophone live let alone witness them attempt to record some songs with someone.

It was great to see and glad I was able to capture a snippet of what the future holds for my people.

#supportsmallbusiness #blackbusiness #music #humble #letsdobetterashumans #beakindperson #charity #Charitywork #ForThePeople #cincinnatiohio

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