It's Up to You
It's Up to You wound stories
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It's up to you to make that change within yourself in order to obtain the things you wish for. Don't block your fantastic circumstances and allow horrible ones to flow your way.

It's Up to You

Keep hurting yourself and you'll die in pain.

The life you had before, you'll never regain.

Word after word, action after action.

With the way you treat yourself, you'll never have satisfaction.

You've moved beyond the trauma.

No longer affected by old relationships, friends, family or your mama.

Now you're the only obstacle left.

Get over that, and you'll soon have success.

You're growing and healing.

This type of progress has no ceiling.

You continue to climb higher and higher.

Your light shines brighter and brighter.

You don't hurt yourself anymore.

You have so much knowledge, positivity and love to pour.

You're finding peace within yourself.

You're finally giving in to outer and self-help.

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