Extremely Atrocious
Extremely Atrocious window stories

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Missy can't stand the rain, but I love it most of the time.

Extremely Atrocious

I look out from my window.

I felt unsure and took a walk down the road.

For a few weeks I hardly saw a soul.

I'm wondering "where'd they all go?"

They were all hiding because they're afraid of the 'ro.

Now they're a little braver with their masks on.

Outside but stay six feet away because of the fear that was passed on.

From the TV to the radio to IG.

If you'd wise up, you'd be free and healthy like me.

Get your body and mind right.

Stimulus check ran out and now things are kind of tight.

Move back home with family? You just might.

Hope to get back to work soon.

Getting back to normal was supposed to start in summer. Like June.

There was supposed to be a curfew.

I still come and go as I please. Do what I want to.

People still catch the virus from each other.

But only if they give it to you somehow. Through the nostril.

This isn't a good year to get ill.

Most likely sign your own death certificate at the hospital.

They're killing us little by little.

I go back to my apartment.

Contemplate my next moves and put them in motion.

Then I see the rain fall drop by drop.

Hitting all my windows nonstop.

I love the sound, smell and sight.

It felt so good it inspired me to write.

I stand on the balcony and let the rain hit me.

The sun still shined in the bright blue sky; pretty.

The rain moved on to the next location.

I watched it disappear from my window with the blunt in rotation.

Knock out task after task. Keep the income flowing.

I enjoy the sunshine, but love when it starts raining.

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