Everything, Everything 2 (Welcome Baby Ariel)
Everything, Everything 2 (Welcome Baby Ariel) fan fiction stories
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Disclaimer: Before I start I want to make clear this is a work of fanfiction. I love the book Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon and her characters belong to her. This is just me being a fangirl on what might happen next in Maddy and Olly’s relationship. They have such beautiful chemistry, and this was also one of the rare moments where I loved the movie just as much as the book. Enjoy! In this, Olly and Maddy enjoy their romantic honeymoon in Maui, along with two very special surprises.

Everything, Everything 2 (Welcome Baby Ariel)

Maddy's point of view:

Hand in hand, Olly and I walk along the Maui beach. We wanted to honeymoon here because it's a place we both love and one that we're so familiar with.

I close my eyes and take in the refreshing scent of ocean breeze, then open them again, admiring the waves that now have a purple and orange glow from the sunset.

"So beautiful" Olly said. I assumed he was taking about the ocean, and I replied, "Isn't it? Water has that serene effect on people."

"I was talking about you" Olly told me, and I blushed.

"Mm, romantic Olly is my favorite Olly" I respond, and we kiss.

Back in our honeymoon suite, Olly rubs coconut and pineapple lotion on my back and shoulders. I love how comforting his hands feel.

"Tonight, our bodies and souls will connect, lighting up my love for you like a billion stars." Olly tenderly kisses my shoulders, and I close my eyes and sigh, loving him romancing me.

He leads me over to our king sized bed, and we dance together in the sheets, our two bodies now joined together as one.

An intimate connection we've both shared before, but I like how this second time feels brand new all over again.

Olly kisses me awake the next morning. "I have a surprise for you" he hands me a silver bag filled with wrapping paper. I sit up, with the red silk sheets wrapped around me.

"Can I peek?" I ask, feeling hopeful

"No" he playfully scolds me.

Olly has me close my eyes and to not open until he tells me to. He helps me unwrap my gift, then puts the mystery item in my hands.

"Ok, you can open your eyes now" Olly tells me

I look down, and I see a silver necklace with the most gorgeous mermaid charm I've ever seen. There are encrusted green emeralds, pearls and iridescent diamonds all over it.

"Do you like it?" he asks

"I LOVE it, thank you so much baby" I hold my hair to the left so Olly can help me get my necklace on. It's a perfect fit.

"Earlier you mentioned your favorite Disney movie is "The Little Mermaid" he says

"That's right" I confirm. "I'm very similar to Ariel."

"You were both sheltered away from the outside world, and told it was dangerous." Olly replies "You ignored the warning and went to go explore the world anyway"

I nod "I think that's why I relate to her the most."

"I think the real reason parents want to be so overprotective is because heaven forbid you start forming your own path and ideas from theirs."

"Yes, I mean, don't get me wrong. I wouldn't be the woman I am today without my Mom, but she's never really allowed me to be alive to the fullest."

"Like I have" Olly tells me, and he runs his hands over my shoulders, and closes his eyes in passion. He softly kisses my neck.

"Your love has opened up wonderful experiences for me, and now I don't know how I would even breathe without you"

"You're my everything, everything Madeline"

We get out slices of our leftover wedding cake, and feed each other, cuddling close together.

After some time passes, Olly and I welcome a baby girl. We decide on Ariel Rose for her name. She has her father's lighter skin complexion and my chocolate brown locks.

Olly and I both press a kiss on top of baby Ariel's head. Our precious love, and our precious little one, was a dream come true.

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