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rabbitIts hard to talk in real life, not here
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To have more than enough of what you need, of what you want, of what you love, is abundance.


by rabbit

Her eyes traveled over the green tops of trees lazily in the golden sunlight. She passed by the low-hanging branches, fingers brushing over their sweet fruit.

She had tended to these trees for as long as she could remember. It took years of ceaseless work and temperance to raise the trunks from the ground and open the leaves to the sun.

She walked slowly, feeling that to rush would be pointless; all of the trees and their fruit were hers, and they weren't going anywhere.

As the lush grass bent beneath her shoes, she took a moment to examine the gleaming apples closer. She felt a frown slip across her lips.

One of her apples had aquired a brown tint, its usually-firm flesh becoming soft and sinking inward. Her fingers reached up and delicately plucked it from where it rested.

"What a shame," she said quietly to the trees. She raised her eyes from the poor fruit and looked across the brilliant skyline- and smiled.

"Oh, well. One bad one brings no harm anymore; The full, bright apples in this orchard are abundant.," she said, leaning against a tree.

It hadn't always been like this. There were times she had to fight through the winter for a handful of fruit. But now, she stood among her trees, eyes closed, without a care.

The breeze stirred her hair, and her smile broadened. She picked another apple, feeling its weight in her hands. It glimmered in the sinking sunlight, and she thanked her lucky stars.

They would always be here; the trees, their apples, the vibrant sunset. Thank goodness she was here, thank goodness she had them.

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