A little about me
A little about me


quickonthecommaCommunity member
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The title is self explanatory

A little about me

by quickonthecomma

I LOVE chocolate

My favorite is milk chocolate and I'm not a huge fan of chocolate covered foods, but u can almost guarantee that I'll eat it if it's chocolate.

I love reading

I got that from my mom as she loves to read and would always read to me at night

My favorite genre of book is fantasy

My favourite series have been Harry Potter and the Mortal Instruments (and other books associated with the series) I'm currently reading the game of thrones series

I watch TV too

My favorite show is supernatural and RWBY (it's not a TV show, its a web series) I refuse to watch game of thrones until I finished reading most of the books.

Other things about me...

Things like my family, my education, and my life outside the realm of the internet I don't feel needs to be known. I'm sharing my words, not me.

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