Kitaviews Edition 8: Kitaviewing @ink_monster AKA Sam!
Kitaviews Edition 8: Kitaviewing @ink_monster AKA Sam! kitaviews stories

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Kitaviewing @ink_monster AKA Sam! He is an amazing writer and friend! Go follow him now!

Kitaviews Edition 8: Kitaviewing @ink_monster AKA Sam!

The Eight Kitaview is here!

Today, your host, Kita - as in myself - will be Kitaviewing the fantastic, wonderful, talented, lovely, marvellous and amazing

@ink_monster AKA Sam!

Hi Sam! Please introduce yourself.

I am a thirteen year old Indian teen who loves to help people and write! I read mostly thrillers... Writing is also mostly thrillers or horrors but I also write comedy at times... I also love animes!

Haha me too! We are so similar!


So first question Sam: How would you describe yourself from another person's point of view?

I may sound mean or something but... Kind... Caring... Sometimes funny...

No, you don't sound mean at all, even I would've praised myself I mean, I am awesome. Not being arrogant or anything. Anyway, next question: If you had a choice in where and when you would be born, where and when would you choose?

Hmm... Japan on Jan 30 2020.

Like, in between the pandemic? *incredulous*

Oh shit no! 2021

*falls off her chair laughing* Anyway, next question: What is one quote that you would want to remember for the rest of your life?

"Those Who Break The Rules Are Scum... But, Those Who Abandon Their Friends Are Worse Than Scum" COPYRIGHT NARUTO.

Uhhh I break a lot of rules. Rules practically go over the top of my head.

XD Don't abandon your friends then...

I'll try not to. I would say I'm loyal so I don't think I would.

Yea that's good!

Next question Sam, what usually motivates you to write?

I generally get motivation from anything I watch... Movie, anime show.... anything! Also, reading other's work inspires me.

Hmmm... Great! My motivation is hard to come by... *insert pout*


XD Anyway, next question, what do you do when inspiration suddenly strikes you? Do you rush to write it down somewhere or do you commit to memory until you can?

I have ideas in my mind every time! I am like I will write this one day then the next moment I have another idea... And I can't write with the speed of one page per minute so yeah... I write when I can.

OH lol, I can relate. Like I think abt something, then I imagine how it would go, then after that when I sit down to write, I forget how I imagined that line would go.

XD, it's the same with me.

It's tedious 😤 , isn't it?

It surely is.

We're almost done! Next question: Do you want to shout any other creator out? I'll tag them!

People I think deserve more love are - @infiniti, @stargazer_, @anuponymous

Okie will tag them :)

Thanks. Tag yourself as well.

Oh wow, haha, thanks will do *salute*. Last question Sam: Do you want to promote any specific post of your own? I'll shout it out!

Well if you insist... Um... Do it for my poem... Red Rose A/N: See the hilarious inside convo at the end of the post XD

Okay, thank you so much for your time, Sam! I absolutely loved talking to you! Please keep writing, you are amazing at it, and also, tag me in the latest post of @konmafuru_sama :)

Oh okay lol. Thank u for having me. This was fun!

Now for the hilarious inside conversation. Okay so, I had literally BEGGED @ink_monster for a post to shout out, he didn't really want to. Here's the conversation-

XD Anyway, that's all for today! Until you tune in again,

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