Kitaviews Edition 6: Kitaviewing @alinapotter AKA Alina!
Kitaviews Edition 6: Kitaviewing @alinapotter AKA Alina! kitaviews stories

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Kitaviewing @alinapotter AKA Alina! Go follow her!

Kitaviews Edition 6: Kitaviewing @alinapotter AKA Alina!

The Sixth Kitaview is here!

Today, your host, Kita - as in myself - will be Kitaviewing the fantastic, wonderful, talented, lovely, marvellous and amazing

@alinapotter AKA Alina!

Hi Alina! Please introduce yourself.

I am a girl who loves to read, write, draw and I also love Harry Potter. I am 12 years old, I love to read fantasy stories, mysteries and I write about the feelings of people.

Haha I kinda guessed from ur username lol. First question Alina: What is it that you love most about Commaful?

The stories and the amazing people. The community is really nice.

I agree. So tell me, Alina, where is it that you get the inspiration for your amazing work from?

I usually get it from reading the posts from commaful and reading books.

Great! Next question: What are the three words that best describe you?

Intelligent, Brave, Nice.

Nice! Oh wait you said that lol.


Haha next question: What advice do you have for people who want to write well?

To do their best.

I'll take that advice :)

Sure :)

So tell me, Alina, what is your favourite genre of music?

Classical. It soothes me.

Great! Personally I'm more of an EDM person. Next question: do you want to shout out any other creator?

Umm, maybe. I would really like to shout @abc333 out :)

Okie will tag them! So, last question, do you want to promote any specific post of your own? I'll give it a shout out!

Um... Si - I mean - yes. My post - "Sad And Happy".

Okie will shout it out! Thank you so much for your time! I loved talking to you! That's all for today! Until you tune in again,

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