Kitaviews Edition 1: Kitaviewing @sadshitandstuff!
Kitaviews Edition 1: Kitaviewing @sadshitandstuff! kitaview stories
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The First Kitaview is here!

Kitaviewing @sadshitandstuff!

Yay! I just interviewed one of my favourite content-creators!

Kitaviews Edition 1: Kitaviewing @sadshitandstuff!

The First Kitaview is here!

Today, your host, Kita - as in myself - will be interviewing - oh sorry, Kitaviewing - the fantastic, wonderful, talented, lovely, marvellous and amazing

@sadshitandstuff AKA Olivia!

Yo, drummers! JAKE! ARE U SLEEPING? OUR GUEST HAS ALREADY ARRIVED! [plays drumroll hastily] Yeah. That's more like it. Hi Olivia! Let's start with an introduction, shall we?

Hi, I am Olivia! I am 13 years old. I love to read poems and dystopian books. I typically write about real-life situations that people can relate to as poems or free-verses.


Have any questions for me?

Oh yes! So tell me, Olivia, what is writing to you? Is it a hobby, or is it truly a passion?

To be honest, I used to hate writing. It was always assigned to me for homework and it just felt like a task more than for fun. Recently, I discovered my passion for it and I started writing a ton. It definitely is more of a passion for me than just a hobby.

*nods in agreement* The power of writing is indeed powerful. Next question: Guessing from your username and description, you must be sad a lot. How do you cope with it usually?

Well, despite my username I am not sad a lot. When I created this account I was, so I started writing about sad stuff. If I am feeling sad, I turn up some music with my headphones and play sports or write.

Same! Next question: What's the best poem/short story/simulator you have read so far here?

Ummm, this is a very difficult question. I have read so many amazing poems and stories on here. @astralphoenix 's stories are so good though and the Funny Toon Conversations are very entertaining!

Haha yes I agree whole-heartedly. But maybe if I narrow it downs to simulators...?

I haven't actually read a full simulator in here, so I don't know, but about the Commaful Hunger Games, I read some of the latest posts and it's cool how someone could bring that many people together over killing each other haha.

Haha I'm in it too :). I think Alastor and I almost had a fight 'cause he was gonna kill me haha.

Haha, I think most people would fight with someone who was going to kill them.

*laughs hard* Haha, okay, last question: Do you want to promote any specific post of your own? I'll give it a shout-out!

Not specifically but it would be great if more people participated in my contest... But all of my posts have either the maxed amount of likes it's going to get because it is an old post, or no one is interested in reading it anymore so I guess I'm just gonna let what happens to them happen.

Oh... but didn't u post today?

Yes, I did and if you want to shout it out feel free to, but I'm just saying people are still going to read it even tomorrow, so unless you want to you don't have to :).

I really want to :) I really liked it. I'm sure if more people knew about it, they would like it too.

Then go ahead! Thank you so much for that though! :)

Oh welcome :) (Plus a lot of Commaful Stars follow me so...)

Oh wow! Thank you for the shoutout and the interview! It was fun talking!

Thank YOU for spending your free time on something like this! It was really fun talking to you!

Of course! Keep doing what you're doing and interviewing people! It will be nice to get to know other Commaful writers!

Of course! If people like it then that's what I'll do :) Thanks again for your time.

Sure :)

Okay, so that's all for today! Until you tune in again,

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