Man and Wife
Man and Wife wedding stories

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Art reference: Walnut of Eden by Vladimir Kush

Man and Wife

He sees the wedding picture Black and white, yet yellowish on one end Blurred and damaged by the passing of years He and his bride... to the altar together attend

One of his most valuable treasures An instant of happiness frozen in time But twenty-four years after that day, she committed adultery Against her husband, the most infamous crime

All of a sudden, the clear skies became gray The birds sing was opaque, the flowers withered His heart confirmed the most excruciating ache The sweet wife sleeps with someone else

He confronts the sinner woman, with unappealable proofs He caught them in his own bed She sighs and cries bitterly, No word she could have said

With fear and pain Feeling repentance from the deepest of her heart, She whispers... "Forgive me"

Because that angry man, is still the love of her heart

He holds her in his arms While he kisses her forehead, He replies with a wounded voice... "I love you"

Twenty-six years after his act of love That picture brings back good memories She is not here anymore, It would have been their golden weddings

On her tomb he left flowers And a promise of eternal love Forgiveness has purified his soul And helped her depart to heaven

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