In memory of the innocent victims of the Nazi holocaust
In memory of the innocent victims of the Nazi holocaust

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it" - George Santayana

In memory of the innocent victims of the Nazi holocaust

With this poem, I want to pay homage to every innocent who passed away in the extermination camps and thank the brave allied soldiers who spilled their blood in the name of justice and freedom.

A place where death could be smelled The factory of pain The land of injustice where many innocents were withheld Against their will, hoping their freedom someday they'd gain

Purification of humanity, the brutal Nazi judgement upon every individual The Gypsy, the Jew, the handicapped Political detractors, inferior ethnicities, the homosexual The lives of many... simple toys at their whim

Extermination camps would methodically deliver the solution To the obstacles of the Aryan perfection The trains constantly bring new victims to the last station Where the human misery is not a matter of election

Neither gender nor age make a difference Under the cyanide gases, everyone dies the same Zyklon-B spreads out from the nozzles with regular cadence The showers of death, necessary executions with no blame

Columns of smoke raise up to the sky And merge with the clouds Their bodies were burned, yet their souls still cry The fire consumed the corpses of crowds

Skeletal looking people Awaiting to become ashes... or just one more anonymous body within a mass grave It took years to crush this abhorrent regime The downfall of the demons, thanks to the allies who fought together like the brave

September 1945 The righteousness has triumphed Peace and liberty finally arrive Now the genocidal can shout with no doubt Arbeit macht freit

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