Awakening of sorrow
Awakening of sorrow sorrow stories

queenofthebugs Poetry of hope for a better world
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Art reference: Die Arche des Odysseus by Rudolf Hausner

Awakening of sorrow

There are days when I feel bad, out of energy and strength Everyday problems wear me down The world won't stop spinning Just because I'm sad

Mourning dwells in my soul Feeling of loneliness A dark and deep hole, Emotional emptiness

I fall apart Asphyxiated by the apathy My poor misunderstood heart Scorn has sprouted on it savagely

Everyone will continue to wake up, Every morning to reboot the program, perform their recurrent duties, and do what society expects from them

They pass next to me... In front of me... Behind me... None of them cares about who I am

Cold automatons With no chance to enjoy their own lives Others have already decided for them Like busy bees, they work for their hives

Some return me a smile Some look away Faces we see everyday, yet they don't leave a print in our consciousness In our subconscious, perhaps... It's just meaningless images, coming and going

Is this really the most evolved species that walks on the surface of this planet?

I doubt it.

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