Sometimes you wonder...
Sometimes you wonder... triggerwarning stories

queenkammie 17|Self love is very important~🌺
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This is a very personal piece I made..(TW)

Sometimes you wonder...

Sometimes you wonder Am I the only one in pain? It goes through your mind shooting in your veins

but your not the only one that is struggling there are times where I look in the mirror and see someone I don't like

my self-confidence is down no matter how much I try. I try to have confidence in myself, but it never works. Its a fail every single time

there are times that I feel sad for no reason at all it's just there, I feel an empty hole in my heart waiting to be healed.

Nobody understands my pain Nobody understands my feelings or emotions. When someone asks all I can say is i'm fine or i'm okay just to make the other person go away

You probably think from my writing, that nothing is wrong with me and i'm this happy girl living her perfect life. but it's the total opposite. I have no perfect life, I mean nobody does

sometimes I struggle to keep a smile on my face smiling takes a lot of effort I only smile for other people they always say the people who smile the most has experienced the most pain. Which is true

you may think... nobody makes fun of me but there are many people who do, and it hurts. I get called many hurtful names and more, but i hold it all in with a smile on my face.

I've been broken so many times my heart doesn't know how to be mended again day after day... I am here for the people who care like my followers on Commaful and everyone else its hard but I try to get through it

cuts and scars on my skin doesn't define me people may think they do.. but honestly they don't. what defines you is how strong i've been no matter how many times I tried to take my life no matter how many scars I have, I'm still here.

and that's all that matters.. I hope some of you learned something from this.. no matter what you are going through remember you can get pass it and be strong in life. I love you all Royalty babes

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